Harvest and Autumn Fruit Festival

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In Novafeltria, in the hills near Rimini, this festival was born out of a desire to restore an event that was a joyful community event, a feast to give thanks for the grape harvest and prepare it to be turned into wine.

The grapes arrived in the square on carts adorned with flowers, pulled by oxen or mules, and were poured into vats to be stomped by young maidens and children.

During the weekend of 7 and 8 October, you can relive all this, with songs and dances from the folk repertoire, tastings of traditional dishes featuring grapes and autumn fruits, wines from the best wineries in the area, and reflections on what the future might hold for our food and wine.

It is also possible to visit the town's historic cellars, reopened for the occasion, rediscover the ancient trades of yesteryear and the wine production cycle with ancient tools, play old-fashioned games, and stroll among the stalls.


  • centro storico - Novafeltria (Novafeltria)
7 - 8 October 2023
Saturday from 6 p.m.
Sunday from 11 a.m.
  • Free event

Information offices

UIT Novafeltria
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 2 - Novafeltria (RN)
+ 39 0541 845619 + 39 0541 845620 Opening: all year round

Last update 14/09/2023

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