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Every year Quattro Castella celebrates an important episode in European history that took place at Bianello between May 6 and 11, 1111; Emperor Henry V, son of Henry IV who obtained in January 1077 the famous pardon of Canossa from Pope Gregory VII through the mediation of Countess Matilda, came to Bianello and appointed Countess Matilda as Vice-Queen of Italy.

Donizone, a writer of that time, remarks that this was the first step toward the Agreement of Worms (1122); the ceremony took place in the church square near the area where the current event takes place. Hundreds of walk-ons in traditional medieval costumes gather at the foot of Bianello Castle to start a spectacular and exciting parade.

On schedule are the Medieval Dinner (May 27); taverns, markets, performances, guided tours (May 28); performances, markets and the Historic Parade (May 29).



  • Piazza Dante - Quattro Castella (Quattro Castella)
  • Bianello Castle
    Via Bianello - Quattro Castella (Quattro Castella)
26 - 28 May 2023
For more details see the programme
  • Free event
+ 39 335 5462527

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