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Quattro Castella is located in the hillside.

On the foothills of the Reggio Emilia Apennines, a natural balcony on the plain from where you can see the Alps on clear days, the town still has the traces of a glorious and fascinating medieval past, while it is perfectly integrated with modern life and its comforts. Quattro Castella, still considered as popular holiday destination thanks to its natural characteristics and its proximity to Reggio Emilia, is surrounded by four hills, whose names, from east to west, are Montevecchio, Bianello, Montelucio and Montezane, on which are as many castles, of which only Bianello still exists.

Why visit it

Every year, in late May, the town hosts the famous Historical Matildic Parade, which takes its name from the parade with the participation of hundreds of people in medieval costume in the streets of Quattro Castella. The show involves the theatrical commemoration of the historical episode, with the characters of Matilda and the Emperor Henry V impersonated by well-known stars from show business, culture and sport. 

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Bianello Castle
Among the four castles that dominate the respective hills that give the name to the town, Bianello is the only one that maintains a building structure well conserved and revealing its architectural evolution. Matilda resided almost always in the castle of Bianello when she was not forced to travel in order to control her large possessions, and there she hosted the penitent Henry IV and Henry V after his coronation in Rome in 1111 proclaiming her Imperial Vicar in Italy. The castle remained under the property of the Canossa family until its extinction, passing then to the Este family, the Dukes of Modena and Reggio Emilia in 1814, and in 2002 it was acquired by the Municipality of Quattro Castella.

Keeping fit

The Bianello Oasis is located immediately behind Quattro Castella and is an extraordinary example of a lower Emilian Apennine environment, at an altitude of about 300 metres. The Oasis has a visitor centre with a projection room, information materials and services. The Oasis has two trails: the first, through the oak wood, leads to the Bianello Castle (open to the public), while the second, starting from the visitor centre, leads to the Zagno and Lucio hills. Several events are organized during the year, such as the release of birds of prey, the observation of marine fossils, the cleaning and installation of nest boxes.

Significant appointments

Historic Matildic Parade - last Sunday of May
Commemoration in historic costume of an important episode in Europe's history dating back to the beginning of the XII century: the meeting between Countess Matilda of Canossa and Emperor Henry V. Participation of famous characters and hundreds of extras. Performances, tournaments, stands, medieval gastronomic and traditional stalls.

Scarpasoun Festival - second weekend of June - in the village of Montecavolo
Gastronomic event dedicated to the Reggio Emilia Erbazzone.

October Festival - third Sunday of October
Itinerant market, hobby market, food and wine market, stalls, funfair, exhibitions and artistic performances.

Last update 24/09/2021
Last update 24/09/2021

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