Italian Bowl American football

Italy's greatest American football event

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    Bruno Benelli Stadium - Ravenna
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    Sporting event
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From Saturday 29th June to Saturday 6th July, the Bruno Benelli stadium in Ravenna is home to the Italian Bowl and some other events of American football, a sport that is increasingly growing also in Italy. 

The finals will be accompanied by a series of side events in the city for a true American-style party, open to families and participants of all ages, characterised by a spirit of fair play and inclusion that has always been part of American football.


  • Bruno Benelli Stadium
    Via Punta Stilo, 29 - Ravenna (Ravenna)
29 June - 6 July 2024
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IAT Ravenna
Piazza San Francesco, 7 - Ravenna (RA)
+ 39 0544 35755 + 39 0544 35404 Opening: all year round

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