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The little and quiet town of Porto Corsini rises north of the port of Marina di Ravenna, from which it’s divided by the Candiano canal, the end of the city dock of Ravenna (Darsena) connecting the city to the sea.

Porto Corsini can be reached all year round through a ferryboat service that links it to Marina di Ravenna. You can also arrive in Porto Corsini by following via Baiona, a long street that skirts the homonymous Pialassa.

Despite the passage of time, Porto Corsini still keeps that calm character that is typical of any fishing village.

Even though modernity made Porto Corsini overcome its humble origins ― adding even a new cruise terminal, one of the main reference points for the cruise circuit of the Mediterranean ― it still keeps its primaeval nature.

Why visit it

Considered the oldest among the sea villages in Ravenna, Porto Corsini is a tourist destination that privileges the sea and direct contact with nature, thanks to the rich forest behind the dunes that outlines its beaches.

It’s not by chance indeed that, like the nearby town of Casalborsetti, it offers several camping areas to fully enjoy a direct and free holiday, without frills.

In Porto Corsini you mainly come for its stretch of beach, which is one of the widest in the Riviera, featuring many establishments and well-equipped facilities as well as wide areas of free beach, where you can happily lay under the sun.

Don't miss

The outer dam of Porto Corsini is maybe the most symbolic element ― along with the pine forest ― of this seaside town. It’s a dock of 3.5 km length that stretches into the sea, like the parallel one in the nearby town of Marina di Ravenna.

Frequented by fishermen and runners, it’s a great panoramic point to enjoy the beauty of the sea, but also for simpler reflexive walks.

If you love history, visit Garibaldi's hut , located along via Baiona. It’s the place where Garibaldi, one of the heroes of the Italian Unification, found refuge during his escape from the Austrians. From there, you can also visit the Spinaroni Island, a stretch of land placed in the area of the Pialassa della Baiona, linked to the battle for the liberation of Ravenna during the World War II.

Keeping fit

A holiday in Porto Corsini is a holiday in the name of dynamism.
Besides the sea, this place offers a lot of activities: from the classical beach volley and beach tennis to water sports like windsurfing and kitesurfing, and don’t forget the sailing sports. It’s not a case that it is also home to the Adriatico Wind Club award, with a series of dedicated facilities and services.

In the surroundings

You just need to cross the Corsini canal with the ferry boat to reach in a few minutes the nearby town of Marina di Ravenna, with its pubs and open-air restaurants. Within walking distance you will find Marina Romea.

Information offices

UIT Porto Corsini
Via Lamone 18 Ravenna (RA)
Telefono:+ 39 0544 447688 iatportocorsini@ravennareservation.it Opening: Seasonal

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