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Casal Borsetti is the farthest north seaside town among the beaches of Ravenna, the former Byzantine capital, and it’s not far from its city centre.

Once a small fishing village, today it’s a little and characteristic coastal town in the centre of the Po Delta Park, divided into two parts by the picturesque canal harbour.

Why visit it

The lush coastal pine forests, the beach with their soft dunes and most of all the campsites make Casalborsetti a privileged destination for an open-air tourism in direct contact with nature.

Don't miss

The naturalistic oasis of Punte Alberete, the Pine Forest of San Vitale, the Lagoon of Comacchio and the valley of Mandriole ― located just a few kilometres north of the town ― offer suggestive and relaxing corners where you can walk and do sports activities, like Nordic walking, bicycle touring or birdwatching.

On the table

From the fish to the meat to the unmissable piadina, numerous high-quality restaurants and pizzerias that serve typical and genuine dishes.

From fish to meat, to the unmissable piadina: a multitude of local high-quality restaurants and pizzerias serve typical and genuine dishes you definitely should try.

In the surroundings

As the other northern Ravenna beach towns (Marina Romea and Porto Corsini), Casalborsetti is a great departure point for exciting excursions in the surrounding nature and to visit the town of Comacchio.

You can choose a suggestive boat trip or dive into the nature of the Po Delta Park thanks to the tours by the NatuRa Museum in Sant’Alberto.

If you’re eager to know some of the local history, then you should visit Fattoria Guccioli, a historical building linked to the figure of Giuseppe Garibaldi and his wife Anita.

Information offices

CasalBorsetti (Tourist Information Office)
Via delle Viole 1 Ravenna (RA)
telephone:+ 39 0544 444912 Opening: Seasonal

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