Family weekend in Ravenna

An itinerary between mosaic workshops, turtles and amusement parks

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Do you happen to have a weekend free from recitals, matches, scout meetings, homework, birthday parties? 

Ravenna waits for you with many different activities for the whole family, between mosaics and amusement parks, turtles and street art. And maybe you could also go home with a work of art that you created!

  • Length
    72 hours
  • Interests
    Art & Culture
  • Target
  • First stop - Casa Dante Ravenna

    Maybe you have heard about Dante Alighieri at school, or you’re going to in the near future. The story of his life is quite full of adventure and Ravenna is one of the places that most characterise his journey as a man and an intellectual. The Supreme Poet lived the last years of his life in Ravenna, and the city was a source of inspiration for the final part of his famous Divine Comedy and other significant works.

    Inaugurated in 2021 and located inside a 14th-century building, Casa Dante is a multifunctional space just a few metres away from Dante Alighieri’s tomb. Inside it, there are many works coming from various illustrious museums of Florence – among which the Uffizi Galleries – prestigious editions preserved by the Classense Library and a charming meditation courtyard. 

    In the area dedicated to workshops, you will have the possibility to try your hand with the magnificent art of mosaics and create your own unique and original work of art. Not just a souvenir, but a true mosaic created by your family.

  • Second stop - Basilica of San Francesco Ravenna

    In the Zone of Silence, area of the historical centre of Ravenna dedicated to Dante Alighieri, the Basilica of San Francesco stands out in all its beauty. Dating back to the 5th century, it most probably was the church where the Supreme Poet spent most of his time, and the place that also hosted his funeral. 

    The church is characterised by three naves, a beautiful apse – semi-circular on the inside and heptagonal on the outside – which is now 3,5 metres lower than the most recent floor due to subsidence. But the most peculiar element of the church is its flooded crypt, located under the main altar. 

    Built in the 10th century and destined to host the remains of bishop Neon – the founder of the church – it is constantly submerged by water. Anyway, it doesn’t prevent us from admiring the fascinating remains of the original mosaic floor. A small group of goldfish guards this one-of-a-kind treasure and makes this place even more magical.

  • Third stop - Casa delle Marionette Ravenna

    In one of the most typical alleys of the historical centre of Ravenna is Casa delle Marionette (lit. house of puppets), a unique and very interesting museum. The Monticelli family – aka Teatro del Drago – has been collecting and guarding props for puppet theatre for five generations, thus expanding a true national heritage. 

    It hosts dozens of puppets, marionettes, scenic props but also hand-written screenplays, photos, posters, authorisations, announcements and censored contents that have been collected and safeguarded since 1840.

    You can take part in guided tours of the collections, traditional puppet shows, workshops on marionettes, puppets and props and many other activities that make this museum of entertainment alive.

  • Fourth stop - Citadel of Street Art Ravenna

    For some years, Ravenna has become a true point of reference for street art at an international level. Thanks to the Subsidenze festival, the city now features almost 80 murals realised by great artists that enrich many streets and buildings of the city.

    Riding a bike (that you can rent in many ways) or if you are willing to go for a good walk, you can go around to discover many works of art. We suggest you start from the so-called “Citadel of Street Art”, located at the end of via Tommaso Gulli. Going around the various buildings, you will discover and admire stunning works, which are all different from each other in terms of style and dimension, but all very fascinating. Thanks to the app “ARIA – The AR Platform”, some of them can also be admired in augmented reality. You will have the possibility to give life to characters and environments that populate these walls, realised  – among others – by Ericailcane, Millo, Basik and Bastardilla.

    From here, you can go on with your itinerary towards the city centre, along via Trieste and surrounding streets, between majestic works by Jim Avignon and Pixel Pancho, and highly evocative pieces by Qbic, About Ponny, Dzia and Dissenso Cognitivo.

  • Fifth stop - Cestha, Experimental centre for the safeguard of habitats Marina di Ravenna

    For some years now, Marina di Ravenna – one of Romagna’s most frequented beach towns –  has been home to Cestha – the experimental centre for the safeguard of habitats. Located since 2016 in the suggestive former fish market, it has recently become an innovative centre for marine research. The centre works on various programmes for the conservation of endangered species and the promotion of sustainable management plans. These projects have allowed the centre to save and treat almost a hundred specimens of shark and 180 turtles. 

    Thanks to the many dissemination events that they organise, you can visit the centre to get to know the animals in recovery and waiting to be released. You can also enjoy a boat tour and participate in the release of the turtles treated by the centre.

  • Sixth stop - NatuRa Museum Sant'Alberto

    The natural areas around Ravenna offer various ideas for excursions of a few hours in incredible places. Among them, we suggest the fascinating ride along Argine degli Angeli, in the heart of the Lagoons of Comacchio; a visit to the Oasis of Punte Alberete, one of Europe’s few still existing flooded forests or a walk in the thousand-year-old Pine Forest of San Vitale. 

    A privileged starting point for these and other experiences to discover plants and animals (also very rare ones!) is the NatuRa Museum – Museum of Natural Sciences “Alfredo Brandolini”. Set up in a 16th century building in Sant’Alberto – a hamlet located just a few kilometres away from Ravenna – the museum has been one of the main gateways to the Po Delta Park for some years now. It is open all year round, and periodically offers excursions, guided tours and laboratories for people of all ages. 

  • Seventh stop - Mirabilandia Savio-Mirabilandia

    A few kilometres south of Ravenna is Italy’s largest and probably most famous amusement park: Mirabilandia! Easily reachable also with public transport, it is a privileged destination for teenagers and families for a day full of adrenaline, water games and great shows. 

    The many attractions are varied and suitable for all (and for every stomach!). The park offers many different kinds of entrance tickets and you can find green areas and various refreshment points. The park organises events, festivals and performances all year round – such as the great Halloween event.

Last update 19/11/2023

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