A child friendly holiday in and around Cesenatico

Safe beaches and lots of fun for a memorable holiday

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With its golden and equipped beaches, wide green spaces and a wide range of activities for children, this area offers a perfect mix of relaxation and fun for the whole family.

  • Length
    72 hours
  • Interests
  • Target
  • First stop - The Maritime Museum for children Cesenatico

    The first stop is the historic centre of Cesenatico along the Canal Harbour. This is where the floating section of the Maritime Museum is located. This is a very evocative open-air exhibition area, visible at all hours of the day. It is a pleasure trip for adults and children alike, thanks to the hulls and sails of decorated and coloured historical boats.

    A valuable experience, which the more curious can complete with a visit to the land section of the museum. Inside you will find wrecks of old boats, information on navigation techniques and boat building, and much more.

    The interactive exhibits will certainly involve children, who can learn by playing and discovering Cesenatico's rich maritime heritage. Not-to-be-missed in the summer are the guided tours and educational-creative workshops that involve children in the creation of seafaring-style objects. 

  • Second stop - Gatteo Mare Summer Village Gatteo Mare

    If you move on to nearby Gatteo, it is impossible not to take your children to have fun on the beach, an ideal place to relax in the sun, build sandcastles, dig endless holes, or play in the many play areas available.

    Many beach establishments offer services dedicated to families, including entertainers, beach volleyball courts and much more.

    It is here that the Gatteo Mare Summer Village transforms, during the summer, the entire town into a large tourist village with many leisure opportunities. The activities for the little ones also continue in the evening including Baby Dance in the company of the mascots Teo and Tina, the Nutellata and the Foam Party, while the older ones enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation.

  • Third stop - The Kartodromo Circuit of San Mauro Mare San Mauro Mare

    If you are a motor enthusiast, just 1 km from the beach, you can walk to the Kartodromo Circuit of San Mauro Mare, where even the smallest children can compete in a custom kart or minimoto race.

    Surrounded by the Romagna countryside, this circuit offers a unique experience, welcoming drivers of all levels and ages, promising fun, competition and pure adrenaline.

Last update 23/01/2024

Information offices

IAT - Ufficio Informazioni Cesenatico
Via Roma, 112 - Cesenatico (FC)
+ 39 0547 79435 iat@comune.cesenatico.fc.it Opening: all year round
Tourist Information Office Gatteo Mare
Piazza della Libertà, 10 - Gatteo (FC)
+ 39 0547 86083 + 39 0547 85393 iat@comune.gatteo.fc.it Opening: all year round
Ufficio Turistico San Mauro Mare
Via della Repubblica, 8 - San Mauro Pascoli (FC)
+ 39 0541 346392 info@sanmauromare.net m.vincenzi@sanmauromare.net Opening: all year round

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