Rimini under water, the marvels of the Adriatic Sea

A journey on the seabed of the Adriatic to discover the "submerged" side of Rimini

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Under the sea of Rimini lies a treasure trove!

Not everybody knows that, in fact, the vacation capital offers so many dive spots and shipwrecks to discover. They make the city a true paradise for diving enthusiasts, perfect for any kind of skill level.

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    48 hours
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  • First stop - The Piramidi Rimini

    The “Piramidi are an artificial diving area created in the 1990s for mussel reproduction, which now teems with sealife.

    They are giant iron cages protected by pyramid-shaped drilled concrete blocks that host habitats.

    Perfect for all kinds of licenses, each pyramid has a depth ranging from 6 to 13 meters, and they are capped so that the top of the rise can always be found.


  • Second stop - Rose Island Rimini

    Just a few kilometers off the coast of Rimini (it only takes a 7-minute boat ride!) it is possible to dive into the waters of the Adriatic Sea to take a closer look at what remains of the famous Isola delle Rose, an artificial platform built off the city's coast by Bolognese engineer Giorgio Rosa, who proclaimed himself an independent country on 1st May, 1968.

    It was never formally recognized by any other country, and, in 1969, it was occupied by the police and demolished. 

    In recent years, this particular story behind has once again come out thanks to the feature film “The Incredible Story of Rose Island”, produced by Netflix and directed by director Sydney Sibilia.

    Found the remains of the reef in July 2009 thanks to the initiative of Dive Planet in Rimini, the platform is now a diving site perfect for any level, with a maximum depth of 12 meters.

  • Third stop - B-24 heavy bomber Rimini

    The remains of the B-24 heavy bomber are also found in the waters off Rimini.

    This American bomber plane, equipped with as many as six 50-caliber machine guns, constitutes a site suitable for the most experienced, Trimix-certified divers.

    Among its remains is an extremely rich biology. Minimum depth 62 meters, maximum 66 meters.

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