Splendid views from the ridge of Modena Appennines

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Are you yearning for the mountain peaks, open spaces and far-reaching horizons of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines? This full-day itinerary will introduce you to the riches of the Apennines: centuries-old hamlets with their stories still to tell, and the abundant nature which flanks the path leading to the ridge.

The trek up, also suitable for families, will reward you with views that fill the heart and soul.

  • Length
    24 hours
  • Interests
    Nature & Outdoor
  • Target
  • First stop - Ospitale Fanano

    In the territory of Fanano we make our way up to Ospitale (935 mt above sea level), a hamlet of bygone times, rich in history.  At the beginning of the XX century, Ospitale was densely populated; the economy was based on the gathering of fruits of the forest, woodcutting, the cultivation of chestnut trees, coal production, and, above all, sheep farming, centred on the communal pastureland which already existed during the time of Saint Anselm, founder of the hospice dedicated to Saint James, dating to 751. 
    This hospice was designated to the relief of pilgrims travelling along the pilgrim route Via Romea Nonantolana (Link) on their way towards Tuscany from the Calanca and Croce Arcana mountain passes, as well as being used as a military base during the war between the Longobards and the Byzantines. 
    Today, on the site of the hospice, there now stands a church dedicated to Saint James, marking the centre of the hamlet.

  • Second stop - Capanno Tassoni Fanano

    We then head to Capanno Tassoni, the starting point for the hike which will lead us to Lake Scaffaiolo, passing via Mount Spigolino (round trip lasting 5 hours).
    The walk takes us uphill through beech and fir forests, opening out on the far side of the woods onto the ridge at the Croce Arcana mountain pass, crossing point between Tuscany and Emilia, which, at a height of 1,669 metres above sea level, overlooks the provinces of Modena and Pistoia below.

  • Third stop - Croce Arcana Pass Fanano

    The Croce Arcana Pass is the setting of a war memorial dedicated to the victims of the Second World War. Here the breathtaking 360° panorama takes in high-altitude moorlands, evergreen shrubs and splendid blueberry bushes. On clear days, with a little luck, you can see as far as the peaks of the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea, and the outline of the Island of Gorgona.

  • Fourth stop - Mount Spigolino Fanano

    As we carry on enjoying the impressive views, we make our way up Mount Spigolino (1,827 metres above sea level). The name comes from its distinctive shape in the form of an edge or “spigolo” in Italian, with a cross planted at its summit. From the top you can behold the entire Apennine ridge, stretching out in all its stirring beauty as far as Mount Libro Aperto.

  • Fifth stop - Lake Scaffaiolo Fanano

    After a short while we come to Lake Scaffaiolo (1,785 metres above sea level), a stretch of water formed in a deep tectonic rift on the mountain ridge, so famous even in ancient times that it was cited by Boccaccio!  
    The natural setting in which the lake is situated is stunning, completely unspoiled and guaranteed to enchant in every season of the year. Lastly, to recharge your batteries following the beautiful walk up, there is a mountain refuge next to the lake, where you can take some refreshment before heading back downhill.

Last update 26/12/2021

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