When the Apennines turn...white

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The Apennines between Modena and Bologna, with their gentle slopes from the city up to the peaks of Mount Cimone (2165 mt) and Corno alle Scale (1945 mt), are a perfect opportunity for hikers to enjoy the nature and live a pleasant winter experience, surrounded by pure white snow and the magical atmosphere of a winter landscape. 

  • Duration
    48 hours
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  • Target
  • First stop: Lago della Ninfa (MO) Sestola

    This natural wonder is for you to be discovered while snowshoeing amidst the woods. One of the most evocative hikes runs from Pian di Falco, a lovely hamlet at 1360 mt asl, all the way up to the charming Lago della Ninfa. Along the path, on the edge of the forest, you’ll get to Passo Serre, a stunning scenic point facing Mount Cimone. The path continues towards our destination, where youl’ll get the feeling of being the character of a master’s painting, among snowy treetops plunged into an enchanted atmosphere. 

    Further information on how to live the Cimone can be found here.

  • Second stop: Sestola (MO) Sestola

    After indulging in a moment of well-being for body and soul, you may now need to gratify your palate with a nice lunch made of the mountain’s most delicious specialities. And there is plenty of choice, from the famous crescentine (a type of fry bread) filled with lard and parmesan cheese, tortelloni made with ricotta cheese and porcini mushrooms, polenta with stewed game meat and scrumptious desserts topped with wild berries. 

    During the afternoon, you can unwind at a sauna or a steam bath, or you can enjoy a relaxing whirlpool bath at one of the many wellness centres of the area, including the public swimming pool in Sestola.

  • Third stop: Fanano (MO) Fanano

    You can round off the day with a pinch of “winter fun” at Fanano, a picturesque town characterised by a very well preserved historical centre and by a curious ice rink: just put on your ice skates and have fun with all your family! 

  • Fourth stop: Corno alle Scale (BO) Corno alle Scale

    You can spend your second day in the nearby mountains of the Bolognese Apennines, dominated by Mount Corno alle Scale. If you’re a ski lover, you’ll be rewarded by a wide ski area equipped with 36km of ski tracks for you and your family, your partner or your friends 150 days a year. A unique landscape frames these the breath-taking views of these ridges, where all kinds of winter sports are practiced: ski, snowboarding and snowshoeing, not forgetting about the youngest, to whom a baby park is offered. 

    Right around these areas, you may bump into the great ski champion Alberto Tomba, who used to train here for his international achievements. 

  • Fifth stop: Cascate del Dardagna (BO) Lizzano in Belvedere

    Another unmissable destination of this area are the Dardagna Falls, which during the winter turn into a unique show of snow and ice. The path leading there departs from the Sanctuary of Madonna dell’Acero, place of pilgrimage since time immemorial, named after the maple tree, which, according to the legend, once saved the life of two little shepherds during a blizzard. 

    From this point the path continues along the Dardagna River, to be followed with or without snow shoes according to the snowfall, all the way up to the Waterfalls, the Apennines’ true gem, made of seven consecutive steep drops, completely crystallized in a halo of magic and wonder.

Last update 17/02/2021


Tourist Office of the Monte Cimone
Corso Umberto I 3 Sestola (Sestola)
+ 39 0536 61621 Opening: Annual
Tourist Information Office Fanano
Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 1 Fanano (MO)
Tourist Information Office Lizzano in Belvedere
Via Guglielmo Marconi 6 Vidiciatico (Lizzano in Belvedere)

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