Cimone Ski Resort

In the heart of the High Modenese Apennines Regional Park, the largest and most modern ski resort in Emilia-Romagna.

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Straddling Emilia and Tuscany, Monte Cimone ski district is arguably the best in the region and, with more than 50 km of slopes, it is certainly Emilia-Romagna’s largest and most modern ski resort.

The area covers Mount Cimone (2,165 metres) and Mount Cimoncino (2,000 metres), while in the valleys, the municipalities of Sestola, Fanano, Riolunato and Montecreto offer a comprehensive network of accommodation options and top-notch services.

Every year thousands of winter sports enthusiasts gather to launch themselves at full speed down its slopes, which are accessible through a single ski pass and served by fast, modern lifts (chairlifts, ski lifts, carpet lift).

Cimone, the Lupo Pass, Lake Ninfa, Cimoncino, Le Polle, Montecreto and Pian del Falco are the areas that make up the Cimone ski district, criss-crossed by slopes and trails for all tastes and all levels.

The width of the slopes, the natural shape of the landscape and the wide range of off-piste trails make Cimone a favourite destination for snowboarders who find the modern terrain park at Lake Ninfa the perfect place to challenge themselves with jumps and tricks.

Special attention is also given to families, with an ice rink, courses for the little ones and the well-equipped babyparks at Cimoncino and Cimonelandia, where they can have fun in the snow in total safety and start learning how to ski from a very young age.

There is no shortage of ski and snowboarding schools and numerous facilities where you can rent all the necessary equipment in order to have fun in the snow.

In addition to this, there are sports facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, spas and wellness centres where visitors can enjoy themselves and indulge in some après-ski relaxation, as well as an excellent network of accommodation options and restaurants that will make your stay in this area truly complete.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that the Cimone ski district is located within the High Modenese Apennines Regional Park, better known as Frignano Park, which features stunningly beautiful natural habitats that can be explored throughout the year. While, in winter, it is the ideal destination for those who love snow and winter sports, in summer, it offers a well-organised network of trails that can be travelled by mountain bike, on foot or even on horseback.

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Last update 12/12/2023

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