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This small village is one of the countries around Modena influenced by Tuscany. Its dialect, in fact, and many of its traditions have been influenced by this side of the Apennines. Dominated on the south side by the ridge on which it appears, that of the peak of Mount Cimone, its territory stretches out from altitudes ranging from 620 to 2165 m above sea level and is enriched by the small settlements of Castello, Groppo, Serpiano, Castellino of Brocco, and Le Polle.

Why visit it

The history, traditions, monuments and landscape of this small late-medieval village all contribute to its essential aspects.

In antiquity, the main town was Castello, which it seems was often inhabited by the famous and infamous Obizzo of Montegarullo, leader and man of arms of the 1400s. Riolunato finally became the main town in 1544.

Between 1786 and 1787 the village ran the risk of disappearing due to a disastrous landslide that came down to the stream along the Scoltenna.

In the village it is worth visiting the parish church dedicated to St. Giacomo Maggiore. Inside there is a priceless crucifix of the contemporary sculptor Iorio Vivarelli. Just below the church you can admire the Casa Ferrari, a wonderful example of a medieval house with a beautiful archway that leads into the small Trebbo square.

Facilities and equipment available allow you to practice summer sports such as tennis, football, soccer, mountain biking, and winter sports thanks to the ski area of Mt Cimone. In fact Riolunato is part of the largest ski area of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, with 50 km of trails all interconnected, accessible with a single electronic ski pass and served by modern and fast facilities.

In addition tourists can go fishing in the Scoltenna river or practice canoeing. Besides fishing here tourists can go on interesting excursions and hiking eco-tours to the top of Mount Cimone.

Don't miss

The Vallona park is one of the most beautiful green and evocative areas of Riolunato. It is equipped with various games for children, benches and tables for picnics. In this green oasis, families with children have the opportunity to spend their free time in peace.

On the table

For those who want to rediscover ancient tastes, the Sagra della Ricotta is a must. Dedicated to the products of sheep farming, the event is held the second Sunday of October and this is an opportunity to taste the local dishes made with fresh ricotta and to see how shepherds working with milk make ricotta and cheese.

Significant appointments

Among the most beautiful events in Riolunato are “May of Girls” and “The lyric holy May of Souls in Purgatory” which describe the torments of the dead, thus moving people to experience greater devotion. This event usually falls on the first Sunday of the month in Riolunato and Castello. The "May of Girls”, held every three years, on the night of April 30 and the second Sunday of the month, belongs to the oldest and most spontaneous traditions of Europe and Asia.

Useful information and advice

From the center of town, following signs for Castello, the ski resort of Le Polle Riolunato can be reached (13 km). The lifts of Cimone are open usually from early December until the end of March. During this period, snow tires or chains are required to come up to the slopes. Upon arrival, an ample parking lot is available free of charge also for campers stopping overnight.

In the surroundings

The Polle lake (12 km) is located at 1300 meters high on the slopes of Monte Cimone. Located in a very green area it is a wonderful break and starting point for walking, hiking and mountain biking. Best known for sports fishing, it is very popular with families and is equipped with a picnic area.

Nearby there are caravan camping facilities, an area for campers, restaurants, bars and a residence. Polle therefore is not only a popular ski resort but also an oasis of relaxation and fun for the summer season.

Last update 31/01/2021

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