Motorcycling through the Lands of Ferrara

Through the vast plains south of the Po, where Nature and History intertwine

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Discover the province of Ferrara by motorcycle, from art-rich locations that narrate a storied past, to remote villages and breathtaking natural areas like the brackish marshes. 

The route starts in the Este city, touches upon Gherardi -a small town enlivened with numerous cinema-themed murals - reaches the millennia-old Pomposa Abbey, and continues to Comacchio. This ancient lagoon city is considered the capital of the Po Delta Park, a territory balanced between land and water, and a heaven for nature lovers and birdwatching enthusiasts.

  • Length
    72 hours
  • Interests
    Art & Culture
  • Target
  • First stop - Ferrara Ferrara

    The first day is entirely dedicated to exploring the historic center of Ferrara, visiting the Este Castle, the Cathedral, and wandering through the characteristic medieval streets and the ancient Jewish ghetto. A symbol of the city's Renaissance, Palazzo Schifanoia, renowned for the frescoes in the Hall of Months, showcases collective works by Ferrara's school of painters such as Francesco del Cossa and Ercole de’ Roberti. 

    After lunch in one of the many local restaurants, perhaps trying the PGI pumpkin cappellacci, the visit continues to the Renaissance Addition, a UNESCO heritage site, with the famous Palazzo dei Diamanti.
    Finally, to get an overview of the city's walls, an essential monument of Ferrara's urban layout, conclude the visit with a walk along the avenues that run outside the green park in the northeast of the city. 

    The walls are strictly accessible only on foot or by bicycle; it is advisable to park the motorcycle near the Porta degli Angeli to enjoy the views over the vast expanse of the Bassani Urban Park to the north of the city.

  • Second stop - Gherardi Jolanda di Savoia

    The second day’s itinerary leads to a small village, a colorful gem to discover in the "metaphysical nothingness" of the Ferrara province. 

    Lands of the ancient Este duchy, where land reclamation and floods have reshaped the countryside, now cultivated with rapeseed fields and, in some areas near Pomposa, lavender, which is spectacular in early summer. 
    Gherardi, a small location near Jolanda di Savoia, is worth a stop: recently known as the Cinema Village for its impressive street art murals that reflect the close relationship between Ferrara and cinema. Discover faces like Sofia Loren, Carlo Rambaldi's ET, and the young protagonists of The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, offering a unique experience of connecting contemporary art with the rural environment.

  • Third stop - Pomposa Abbey Codigoro

    The next stop is still immersed in the Ferrara countryside. From afar, its bell tower has caught the eye of travelers through the ages: Pomposa Abbey is one of the most significant medieval monastic sites in the region. 

    The abbey dates back to the 6th-7th centuries when a Benedictine settlement arose on what was then Insula Pomposia, a wooded island surrounded by branches of the river and protected by the sea. It is famous for its 14th-century Giotto-inspired frescoes, a beautiful mosaic floor, and the soaring bell tower from 1063.

  • Fourth stop - Comacchio Comacchio

    Then head to Comacchio, choosing the less-trafficked roads alongside the beach resorts, through fields, vineyards, orchards, and wetlands, offering stunning natural views and photo opportunities, especially at sunset: the Argine Acciaioli remains several meters high compared to the landscape and runs alongside the beautiful Valle Bertuzzi

    The historic center of Comacchio is marked by the famous Trepponti bridge, a symbolic architecture of the lagoon town offering picturesque views over the canals. Among other main attractions, the Manifattura dei Marinati, where all the secrets of eel processing are revealed, and the Ancient Delta Museum, which illustrates the evolution of the territory and human settlements of the ancient Po delta.

  • Fifth stop - Marshes of Comacchio Comacchio

    The third day is a must for a motorcycle tour around the Marshes of Comacchio. Crossing the San Pietro Bridge over the Canal that leads to Porto Garibaldi, on one side are the reclaimed lands under which the Etruscan city of Spina was discovered, and on the other, the immensity of the "Valli" (marshes and lagoons). 

    The route continues among the waters: the Argine Agosta is a long strip of asphalt between the Mezzano Circumferential Canal and the Marshes. In front of the Boscoforte Oasis, you can admire the rich birdlife of the Delta: a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts and those who love wild Nature.

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