The fourteenth century school in Rimini

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Rimini becomes international in scope with the realization of its port and thanks to this, over the centuries, the artistic influences of the world reached this territory.

In the fourteenth century, Rimini's relationship with the Eastern Church enriched the artistic style of the city, permeating it with poetic and spiritual characteristics that no other contemporary Italian schools possessed.

It was when Giotto stopped in Rimini, around 1300, that started the flowering of a large group of artists, miniators and painters who gave life to the Rimini school, whose works were distinguished by a story full of contrasts, hieratic, but full of sentimental intensity.

To discover and admire this artistic excellence of the territory, you can set out on a tour in stages among places that preserve its memory: the church of Sant'Agostino, the Malatesta Temple, the City Museum and PART - Palazzi Arte Rimini, the new museum site of contemporary art in Rimini.

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    24 hours
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    Art & Culture
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