The racetracks of Emilia-Romagna

A tour to discover the racetracks of Motor Valley

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When it comes to racing on two and four wheels, Emilia-Romagna is certainly the right place to visit. The region has 4 racetracks of international renown: the Misano - Marco Simoncelli World Circuit, the Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Racetrack in Imola (BO), the Modena Racetrack and the Riccardo Paletti Racetrack in Varano de' Melegari (PR).

Misano - Marco Simoncelli World Circuit

Heading along the Via Emilia to the north, we first encounter the Misano - Marco Simoncelli World Circuit, the racetrack of Misano Adriatico, in the province of Rimini. Named after the Moto GP champion who lost his life in 2011 at Sepang, this track is internationally known for two motorcycling events that attract large crowds of visitors every year: the Moto GP (the San Marino and Rimini Riviera Grand Prix) and the Superbike World Championship.

Opened in 1972, the Misano racetrack is 4,226 metres long and can accommodate up to 100,000 spectators. In addition to the races mentioned above, the Misano World Circuit also holds events for four-wheeled vehicles, such as the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup and the Truck Grand Prix, dedicated to trucks.

Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Racetrack

Imola’s is the longest-running racetrack in the region. Its inauguration dates back to 1952; since then, countless races have been held at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari International Racetrack, first and foremost, the races of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of San Marino, from 1981 to 2006.

Imola’s track is often described as a technical and complex circuit, to be travelled at high speed. It also holds motorbike races, including the World Superbike Championship and the Italian Motor Speed Championship, as well as other events, such as open days, concerts and an exhibition of spare parts for cars, motorcycles, bikes, accessories and vintage spare parts.

Modena Racetrack

The 2,007-metre racetrack of Modena was built in 2011 on a piece of land with various different levels, and it is characterised by a straight section of track, about 400 metres long, alternating with tight or wide bends. The circuit is ideal for learning or perfecting your own driving skills: in fact, it was started as a safe driving centre, and organises sports-car driving, daily drive and green drive courses, the latter teaches you to how to drive by reducing fuel consumption.

The track can also be rented for free-style motorcycle or car driving and for track tests.

Riccardo Paletti Racetrack

We conclude the journey through the racetracks of the region at the Riccardo Paletti Racetrack in Varano de’ Melegari, in the province of Parma. This 2,350-metre long track is home to the International Safe Driving Centre, established in 1991, the brainchild of former Formula 1 driver, Andrea de Adamich. The centre organises courses aimed at improving driving quality and control of the car.

During the year it also hosts several races for cars and motorcycles, as well as rallies; finally, it also offers the possibility for enthusiasts to do free-style test drives on the track.

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