In the mountains of Modena, two adventure parks that are famous for canopy tours

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The Esploraria Adventure Park is located within a chestnut grove near the town of Zocca, in the province of Modena. Open from Easter to November, the park offers a range of outdoor activities for the whole family at 830 metres above sea level. 

Esploraria is where the idea of a walkway suspended between the trees was first conceived, which has, over time, become its main attraction: these canopy tours are known as “albering”, a term that mixes Italian and English to describe an aerial walkway with Tibetan and Nepalese bridges, lianas, nets, suspended barrels and zip lines, which lead visitors from one tree to another in total safety. There are 12 canopy tour courses in the adventure park, divided by typology.

However, the park offers more than just its famous “albering” courses. Teenagers and children aged 5 and over can also experience the thrill of climbing on a 6-metre-high artificial wall, guided by a qualified instructor. Or slide at full speed down a slope aboard large lifebuoys, or even try their hand at archery.

The Esploraria Adventure Park also organises trips along the Apennines by mountain bike, with on-site bike rental

Perhaps the most picturesque activity they offer is having dinner in the woods, for those who want to experience a unique evening with the authentic ambience that only nature can create.

Of course, the park also has a relaxation area and a refreshment point where you enjoy freshly squeezed fruit juice and local produce. 

Access to the attractions requires an admission fee, while the park itself is free to visit.

Esploraria Serra Adventure Park

Esploraria doubles its presence in the Modena region with another adventure park in the province of Modena, the Esploraria Serra Adventure Park in Serramazzoni.

In this case, the “albering” aerial walkways and other activities (mountain bike rental, volleyball and beach volleyball courts and football pitches, relaxation area, etc.) are laid out in the shade of a verdant pine forest.


Last update 21/05/2021

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