Monte Fuso Adventure Park

Housed in the namesake Wildlife Center of the Parma Apennines

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Monte Fuso Adventure Park is located within the Monte Fuso Wildlife Center, a place that provides shelter for more than a hundred deer, fallow deer and mouflon as well as foxes, dormice and other species typical of the area.

This 45-hectare area nestled on top of Mount Lavacchio, in the municipality of Neviano degli Arduini, includes various facilities. These include a visitor center, a refreshment stand, an area equipped for RV parking, and the adventure park itself, which will open in 2022.

Surrounded by the greenery of the Parma Apennines, young and old can test themselves in the magical atmosphere of the forest, challenging themselves to take on the 4 acrobatic courses for adults and the 2 for children (from 4 years old), which run high across wooden and steel ropes.


Last update 15/07/2024

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