Terme di Monticelli

Thermal baths, a spa and accommodation await you in the lush-green surroundings of Monticelli Terme

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Relaxation is right at home at the Terme di Monticelli. Located in the town of Monticelli Terme, just a few miles from Parma, this spa facility welcomes guests all year round in the green embrace of 25-hectare parkland shaded by century-old trees.

Built between 1926 and 1927, from the outside the building stands in all its magnificence, softened by the gentle, sweeping lines of Liberty-style architecture. On the inside, visitors are immersed in a modern spa, which places the healing power of the sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich sulphur water at the heart of its treatments.

But the spa is just one of the complex’s many assets. Near the spa lie the Linea Beauty spa, where you can beautify yourself, and two spa hotels − the four-star Hotel delle Rose Terme & Wellness SPA and the three-star Hotel delle Terme − which offer wellness packages of varying lengths.

Thermal waters and treatments

The thermal waters are the beating heart of the Terme Monticelli. Both the sodium chloride, bromide and iodide-rich water, renowned for its anti-stress effects and the sulphur water are used in a wide array of therapeutic treatments, such as baths (with or without massaging water jets), nasal irrigation and inhalations.

The Terme Monticelli complex also has centres specialised in the treatment of disorders affecting the airways and musculoskeletal system: these include the rehabilitation centre, which comprises two thermal pools, three gyms, an ambulation therapy system in hot and cold pools, and more − the vasculopathy treatment centre and the centre specialising in rhinogenic deafness.

Thermal pools and the Linea Beauty Spa

Last but not least, we take a look at the spa's thermal pools. There are three at the Monticelli facility. These are filled with thermal water at different temperatures (30°C, 32°C and 34°C) and are kitted out with various equipment to meet the relaxation and fitness needs of every guest.

In the Piscina delle Rose, sports fanatics can enjoy aqua fitness on the aquatic bikes in the pool, or can choose instead to indulge in pure relaxation with the massaging water jets. 
Those looking to tone their muscles can head to the Piscina Parco pool, which is filled with 32°C water and boasts a counter current machine.
Lastly, in the Roman bath-inspired, 34°C crescent pool, you can enjoy all the benefits of eight massaging water jets and two geysers that feel wonderful on the feet and spine. 

Alongside the total immersion spa wellness experience, Monticelli Terme also provides another pool fitted with seats with massaging water jets, each one unique, a sauna, a Tepidarium and Jacuzzi tubs in the solarium, with views out over the parkland.

Nestled in this century-old parkland lies the Linea Beauty SPA: the perfect destination for those who want to leave their worries behind and feel rejuvenated with face and body treatments or a relaxing massage, and to experience all the different sensations that the various spaces, like the sauna, thermal cave and ‘Niagra’, create for the body.


Last update 03/03/2021

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