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In the Savio valley, in the heart of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, furrowed by the fresh and clear waters of the Alferello, framed by a chestnut grove and by beech trees, lies Alfero, the largest fraction of the municipality of Verghereto and a charming tourist destination. The town is located in a splendid valley, dominated by the Comero and Fumaiolo massifs and framed by centuries-old chestnut woods, beech and fir woods. Alfero is a happy combination of natural beauty, modern equipment, quiet and traditional hospitality, which make it an ideal place to restore body and spirit, with hotels, restaurants and cuisine closely linked to the territory.

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The town was built on the border between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Church State. It is still possible to see, not far from the Church of S. Andrea, the boundary stone bearing on one side the five-sphere coat of arms of the Medici and on the other the keys of Saint Peter.

The suggestive Alferello waterfall is located on the stream of the same name, north-east of Alfero, which is also commonly called Trout Waterfall thanks to the high presence of this fish species along the course of the stream. Its 32 meter height and the geomorphological characteristics of the territory give the waterfall a real monumental aspect; to reach it just walk on foot from the town of Alfero on a path of about 25 minutes.


Significant appointments

Among the events not to be missed are the suggestive "Palio dei Somari", the folkloristic "Raduno degli Alpini", and the traditional "Sagra della Castagna".

In the surroundings

About 3 km from Alfero, going up to Monte Fumaiolo on Provincial Road 43, the first village we meet is Riofreddo (Rivi Frigidis), a place of ancient origin dating back to 1372, today a pleasant place of villas surrounded by plush green nature, placed on a sandstone spur that rises from the ravine of the springs of the Alferello. Riofreddo also offers genuine local cuisine where you can taste the typical local products such as scottiglia, mushrooms, truffles, game and in particular roe deer.


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UIT Verghereto
Via Nuova, 43 - Verghereto (FC)
+ 39 0543 906589 + 39 0543 906589 Opening: seasonal

Last update 07/05/2023

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