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    Reggio nell'Emilia
  • Distance from Capital
    27 km

The territory of Brescello is situated alongside the main embankment of the Po River; it is the town of "Don Camillo and Peppone", and capital of the "little world" described by writer Giovanni Guareschi.

The ancient Roman settlement of Brixellum was already inhabited in pre-historic times (as shown by the items recovered in the Motta Balestri archaeological excavations). It was one of the main centres of the Reggio Emilia area in Roman times.

It was the home town of the philosopher Mario Nizzoli and the librarian Antonio Panizzi (founder of the famous British Museum Library in London). The town still retains much that recalls its past. A statue of Hercules stands in the main town square , commissioned by the Este family from Sansovino in 1552, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore contains works by Zatti (a 19th-century painter from Brescello).

It also houses the “Natività di Maria” (Nativity of Mary) and “Cristo Portato al Sepolcro” (Christ Carried to the Sepulchre) by A. Gualdi, a 16th-century Emilian painter. In the nearby local government building is a small but important collection of archaeological finds excavated in the area.

The other church in the town is dedicated to San Giorgio and has an important Romanesque bell tower dating back to the 12th century.

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