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Casalgrande is a town located in the foothill area of the Province of Reggio Emilia to the south west of the administrative centre, on the left bank of the Secchia River. 

It was a mainly agricultural territory until the 1960s; from the 1970s it has become the biggest and most important ceramics district in Italy, together with Sassuolo, Fiorano Modenese and Castellarano.

Why visit it

Casalgrande maintains its historical part to the south of the main road, around the old castle, perhaps already existing in 1200. 

What now remains of the Castle (at Casalgrande Alto) is a fortified palace dating back to the XV century, with two square towers, machicolation-based defences and remains of battlements. The small town corresponds, instead, to the historical name of Boglioni, where the more recent town centre has developed.

Having fun

The De Andrè Theatre is a cultural centre and meeting place with theatre, dance and music.

Keeping fit

For outdoor activities, a walk in the La Riserva park should not be missed; it is a natural green area used as a local park with an altitude ranging from 150 to 384 metres above the sea level. The La Riserva park has a rich and varied vegetation with a network of small paths created inside it, thanks to local volunteers, extending for a length of almost four kilometres and leading to three stopping points called "Fontanina”, “Martinella” and “Quagliodromo La Riserva”.

There is also the Secchia Park in Villalunga, venue of events and festivals.

A purple Big Bench has been placed in a panoramic position on the Casalgrande hill.

Significant appointments

  • Casalgrande Jazz Festival - First half of July.
    Jazz concerts with the participation of important national and international musicians.
  • September Fair - Second and third week of September.
    Concerts, performances, sports tournaments and exhibitions.

In the surroundings

There are remarkable examples of rural and noble settlements in the surroundings of Casalgrande and in the nearby villages. 

Not to be missed among these is a visit to Villa Spalletti dating back to the XVII-XVIII centuries, surrounded by a fine park; in the district of Salvaterra is the Castle built in the XII century; the Dinazzano tower (XIV century) stands on a hill and is the only remains of an important fortified estate, from which is a beautiful view of the Reggio Emilia and Modena plain.

Last update 05/04/2024
Last update 05/04/2024

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