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Castel San Pietro Terme is on the border between Emilia and Romagna and renowned for its thermal spa, brand new 18-hole golf course and race-track.

The origin of spa treatments in Castel San Pietro dates back to 1337, although the first real spa facility was built in 1870. Even then, it was characterised by a completely medical, scientific approach.

Why visit it

The Terme di Castel San Pietro use both sulphurous and sodium chloride bromide and iodide water: in recent years, the traditional spa treatments have been joined by those of the wellbeing sector and rehabilitation, while there is also a special children’s section decorated with the artwork of its young guests.

Main events

Not to be missed is the Pork Chop Festival during "Settembre Castellano", featuring the famous "Carrera", a race with motorless cars.

Information offices

Tourist Information Office Castel San Pietro Terme
Piazza G. Acquaderni 4 Castel San Pietro Terme (Castel San Pietro Terme)
City Tourism Association of Castel San Pietro Terme
Via Ugo Bassi 19 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO)

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