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According to the Pianta by Francesco II d'Este's librarian - Gian Battista Boccabadati - Villa di Capezzo, together with Gisvetro and Villa di Motta, once belonged to the Municipality of Casare. Villa Cavezzo became the main centre of the area after a number of different factors came into play in the 16th century.

The most important artistic-architectural structure in the Cavezzo area is the Church of Santa Maria ad Nives, whose origins can be traced back to a 14th century chapel. Inside it, visitors can admire several works of significant value (scagliole and paintings). The Villa Delfini - an attractive 17th century residential complex - is located a few kilometers away from the centre of Cavezzo. The park, its gardens and a number of its rooms are open to the public during the summer, when musical and literary events are held there.

During the earthquake in May 2012, Cavezzo was severely damaged. Most of the monuments and churches are still closed.

Last update 13/07/2020

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