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Cavriago, a nearby extension of Reggio Emilia, is a dynamic and modern productive town which has experienced considerable economic and social development in recent years.

Why visit it

The charming Piazza Zanti, partly porticoed; the Napoleonic Cemetery, the oldest of the four remaining in Italy, built in 1810. It has remained intact, a mysterious and fascinating place where it is possible to rediscover the story of several important people of that time.

Don't miss

In Cavriago there is a bust of Lenin, the only one in Italy, which is now a tourist attraction. In 1970 the bronze statue of Lenin arrived in Cavriago’s main square (still today referred to with the same pseudonym) as a present of the Soviet Socialist Republics Union made by the Russian embassy in Rome. 

It was made in 1922 by the Ukrainian workers of Lugansk and, before reaching Val d’Enza, it was a spoils of war for the Fascist troops. Then came the Liberation and the bronze statue was found in Tuscany and given to the embassy. The bond with Cavriago was already special in 1919: it was at that time that Lenin read in the socialist daily newspaper “Avanti” the appreciation and support sent by the socialist movement of the town of Val d’Enza, and mentioned Cavriago in a speech to the Moscow Soviet. The bust of Lenin and its history inspired the song "Piccola Pietroburgo" by the band Offlaga Disco Pax. It is now kept inside the Multiplo Cultural Centre.

Having fun

Worthy of attention are the Multiplo Cultural Centre, which hosts theatre, film and opera, and the Cremeria, a valuable example of industrial archaeology, now a centre for study, work and education.

Keeping fit

Between Reggio Emilia and Cavriago, between the landscape of the plain and the foothills, is the Bosco del rio Coviola. The wood, with excellent trees and a large community of small mammals and birds, is suitable for walks and leisure activities.

Significant appointments

Fiera del Bue Grasso (Fat Ox Festival) - last Sunday of March
Food and wine exhibition, display of ancient breeds of cattle from the Reggio Emilia province, display of ancient traditional crafts, stands with craft and gastronomic products.

Antica Fiera dei Tori (Ancient Bull Festival) - second Sunday of September
Market display of craft, food, and wellness products.

Last update 18/03/2023

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