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The village of Fanano is included in the Regional Park of the Modenese Apennines, at an altitude ranging from 640 m (Fanano center) to 2165 m in height.

Why visit it

In possession of the Orange flag of the Italian Touring Club since 2001, Fanano is located in an area of great natural beauty, almost untouched. Traces of its long history can be found in many civil and religious buildings, and in the historic trails such as the Via Romea. This place is also known as the "city of stone" for the age-old tradition of stonemasons. Among its illustrious ranks is Felice Pedroni, the most famous Italian gold prospector in Alaska, who founded the city of Fairbanks in 1904 , now the sister city of Fanano, and who is celebrated every year with the "Pedro Felix Day".

When to go and what to see

In winter and summer, the village welcomes visitors with many opportunities.

Fanano is part of the ski resort of Mt. Cimone which offers the largest ski area in the Tuscan - Emilian mountains, with 50 km of slopes all interconnected and accessible with a single electronic ski pass, served by modern lifts.

Along the three sides of the mountain there are slopes for everyone: long and wide, with challenging slopes and more than 600 vertical meters for expert skiers, as well as shorter and easier slopes for those who enjoy skiing and relaxing.

Fanano is also included in the Regional Park of the High Apennines of Modena, with an altitude ranging from 640 m (Fanano center) to 2165 m. For this reason this area is well known for walks or biking. All around it there are historical villages, churches, old houses, surrounded by a natural environment and wonderful views. A lot of green areas and paths are also available for lovers of hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking.

A peculiarity of this place is the stone work that has influenced the historical evolution of this community. In continuity with this traditional art of expression, the International Symposium of Stone Sculpture was born. Artists from all around the world have produced more than 250 sculptures now located throughout the surrounding area. These works give substance to the Park Museum of Sculpture in stone, that is a rare example of a public collection of contemporary sculptures currently present in Italy.

On the table

Fanano has a famous tradition of food and wine. The typical dishes of the mountains can be tasted in the many village festivals during the summer, reminiscent of ancient tastes, and based on the fruits of the mountains such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, as well as vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, honey, jams, and flour.

Keeping fit

In Fanano there are sports facilities of all kinds such as an ice rink, swimming pool, sports hall, a great soccer field, horseback riding, tennis, volleyball, basketball and soccer. There is also a fully equipped health club to relax any time of year.

Significant appointments

Biennial appointment for a fairytale town in a Christmas and evocative context.

Three-year appointment. The town falls into an enchanted atmosphere immersed in sacredness and entirely decorated with boxwood.

This traditional game with colored eggs takes place every year on Easter Monday in Piazza Corsini.

Run along the paths of Fanano, from the village to the peaks. Three routes: 60, 35 and 12 km. It takes place every third week of July.

In August the festival takes place, which has the Apennine bilberry as its absolute protagonist with show cooking, different themed menus along the streets of the town, music and artisan markets.

The traditional event dedicated to autumn and its recipes from mushroom, pumpkin and chestnut with the restaurateurs of Fanano who go down to Piazza Corsini in mid-October for a big party spread through the streets of the center with itinerant music and artisan markets.

Useful information and advice

From the center of town, following the signs to Canevare-Cimoncino, tourists can reach the ski resort of Cimoncino Fanano (12 km). The lifts of Monte Cimone are usually open from early December until the end of March. During this period, snow tires or chains are required to come up to the slopes. Upon arrival, an ample parking lot is available free of charge for campers stopping overnight.

In the surroundings

Do not miss a visit to the two beautiful lakes that adorn the natural ridge: Pratignano lake, identified as the highest-altitude moorland in Emilia Romagna, is extremely important in botanical terms because of the presence of a small insectivorous marsh plant that is very rare in the Apennines; Scaffaiolo lake has been the most famous since antiquity and it is characterized by an important road that connects Modena to Pistoia.

The Doccione waterfalls are also worth seeing in the locality of Fellicarolo. Easily reachable by taking a short walk starting along the road that leads to the I Taburri, the path is also set up for the transit of the handicapped and allows you to reach the foot of the waterfall in a few minutes.

Historic pass that divides Emilia Romagna from Tuscany and on the path that leads to Lake Scaffaiolo, the Passo della Croce Arcana is located at 1669 meters above sea level.
Its breathtaking 360 ° panorama sees high-altitude moorlands, creeping conifers and splendid vaccine groves. On long summer days, with a little luck, you can see the peaks of the Apuan Alps and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Information offices

UIT Fanano
Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 1 - Fanano (MO)
+ 39 0536 68696

Last update 30/09/2021

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