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A small Italian town of less than two thousand inhabitants, Frassinoro is located in the province of Modena south of the regional capital.

When to go and what to see

For many centuries, the destiny of Frassinoro was linked to that of Matilde di Canossa and the power influenced by her abbey.

The fascinating and glorious history of the Benedictine Monastery founded by Beatrice of Lorraine comes back to life during “Matildica Week” in the land of the Abbey, an event that takes place annually the last week of July.

Nowadays, Frassinoro is an important regional cross-country ski resort due to its geographical location. It is situated in the Frignano Park and offers tourists an Italian Alpine Club, nature, and thematic and historical itineraries.

Back-packing, mountain-biking and horse-riding (there is a riding school) are also possible. Places to visit are the Museum of Country Life in San Pellegrino in Ape, the local hamlets, churches and oratories.

The Trout Farm near the village (and near to which a natural amphitheatre among the oaks has been created) is also worth a visit. Of further interest is the Sanctuary of the Madonna in Pietravolta.

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Placed along the ancient Via Bibulca, Frassinoro was initially a "hospice" (a resting place for pilgrims and travelers) connected to a chapel dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption, in the center of a large wood. In 1071 the Benedictine Abbey of Frassinoro was then built at the behest of Beatrice di Lotaringia, mother of Matilde di Canossa. 

On the old foundations of the abbey, which went into ruins in the 15th century, there is today the church of Santa Maria Assunta di San Claudio e Lorenzo, inside which a museum space has been set up with columns and capitals from the ancient abbey factories. 

Of particular interest is also the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Pietravolta, in addition to the numerous water mills (Silvestro mill, Grillo mill, Fante mill) of seventeenth-eighteenth-century origin, near Cargedolo.

Keeping fit

Today the town is an important center for cross-country skiing thanks to its geographical location. 

Located in the Frignano Frassinoro Park, it also offers tourists naturalistic and historical routes, where it is also possible to practice trekking, mountain biking and horse riding.

Significant appointments

Frassinoro was strongly linked to Matilde di Canossa and the dominance exercised by her abbey, whose history is brought to life during the Matildic Week in the Terre della Badia, an event that takes place annually in the last week of July.

In the surroundings

In the outskirts of the village it is worth mentioning the "Vivaio delle Trote", near which a natural amphitheater has been created among the oaks. 

Nearby is also the Museum of Rural Life of San Pellegrino in Alpe (a hamlet shared with the municipality of Castiglione di Garfagnana, Lucca).

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