Frassinoro - Piandelagotti Ski Resort

In the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines there is a true paradise for cross-country skiers.

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Piandelagotti is located in the highest zone of Val Dragone, the western gateway to the High Modenese Apennines Regional Park and a tourist centre of the municipality of Frassinoro.

With 40 km of trails, which extend to over 100 km thanks to the various links and connections to Tuscany and the Reggio Apennines, the Boscoreale Cross-country Skiing Centre (in the meadows of San Geminiano, a short distance from the centre of Piandelagotti) is among the most important ski districts in Italy for this particular winter sport. It was precisely these features that led it to be chosen as the home of the Italian Assoluti e Cittadini Cross-Country Championships in 2004.

In this area, there are slopes of different lengths and difficulties that run through woods and clearings, providing visitors with stunning panoramas and breathtaking views. These include the 1 km and 2 km ski trails that have been adapted for the differently-abled, dedicated to Tonino Biondini (the first local international champion and later coach for the Italian national team), and a 2.5 km trail that is illuminated even in the evening.

Thanks to the frequent and abundant snowfall that usually covers the whole area, there are excellent natural snow conditions between December and March.

There is also a ski school slope and shops for equipment rental.

The whole area lends itself well to activities such as ski orienteering, nordic walking and snow walking. There are several trails, which are also open at night, specifically dedicated to snowshoe hikes that lead to the Tuscan-Emilian Ridge, Radici Pass, Forbici Pass and the Reale fir forest.

When the snow melts, the area remains a centre of interest for outdoors enthusiasts. In the warmer months, you can go hiking, mountain biking and horse riding, as well as being captivated by the excellent local cuisine and the cheerfulness of the village festivals that mark the social calendar of this distinctive area in Emilia-Romagna.

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