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A town in the Apennines south-east of Bologna, Monterenzio extends over a vast area located between the valley of the Idice and that of Sillaro.

Why visit it

Home to an ancient and important castle later devastated by Barbarossa, Monterenzio preserves numerous traces of medieval times, such as the beautiful Palazzo Frontini, which you can discover and admire also near the town visiting picturesque villages.                                             

The archaeological area of Monte Bibele, with the remains of an ancient Etruscan-Celtic village, is considered one of the most significant in understanding the life of the ancient peoples who inhabited the territory of Bologna.

When to go and what to see

The Castle of Monterenzio has been mentioned since 1298.

In fact in Monterenzio there are many medieval remains: the village of Scaruglio and the villa of Cassano.

On the nearby Mount Bibele the remains of an Etruscan village of the 4th century have been found, which allowed for the foundation of an important museum: one of the most important in Europe regarding Celtic culture.

Close to Monterenzio in the "City of Salute Più", in the middle of green nature, farm house spas welcome visitors in innovative architectural structures, where the thermal sea and sun baths, all year round, offer all kinds of traditional thermal and physical treatments.

Don't miss

The Civic Museum "Luigi Fantini" is located in the main square of the village. Inside you can admire the collection of Celtic materials, among the most important in Italy, enriched by the reconstruction of the wooden scaffolding of a house in the town of Pianella di Monte Savino. The house is furnished with authentic objects or reproductions that allow you to illustrate and learn about many aspects of the daily life of the village.

In the surroundings

In the village of Scaruglio, between Monterenzio Nuovo and Monterenzio Vecchio, you can admire a tower of the thirteenth century. 

Also near the municipality is the thirteenth-century tower-house of Ca 'di Pié, almost intact in its essential structures, which is a rare example of the transition between the castrum and civil dwellings.

In Pizzano, there is the sixteenth-century tower of the Palazzino and the ancient village of Malapasqua, home of a Podestà and then of a powerful fortress built by the Municipality of Bologna.

Going down towards the Idice river, we then meet another village, Villa di Cassano, whose buildings originate from the middle of the 1300s and into the next century. Noteworthy are the two tower houses with an eight-pointed star on the.

Information offices

Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico Comune di Monterenzio
Piazza Guerrino De Giovanni, 1 - Monterenzio (BO)
+ 39 051 929002 Opening: all year round

Last update 09/09/2020

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