Morciano di Romagna

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A centre for markets and fairs and reference point for farmers and artisans over a vast area, once a territory of the Malatesta Seignory.

Why visit it

It has a modern and dynamic look and is the birthplace of such illustrious figures as Umberto Boccioni and the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro.

The little town boasts ancient origins, but has developed mainly over the last 100-150 years, becoming the largest trade and services centre in the valley. The town’s importance as a trading centre – partly determined by its favourable position right at the foot of the hills and at the crossing place of the numerous roads leading down to the plain – is evident from the fact that one of the most important fairs in the whole of Romagna has been held here for centuries.
The present structure of the town – wide streets laid out in a grid – dates mainly from the early 20th century, and some of the buildings have a vague Art Nouveau atmosphere.
The town markets are always crowded and colourful.

Don't miss

“Wing Beat” sculpture by Arnaldo Pomodoro
A fine work by the well-known contemporary artist, born in Morciano, set in a square named for the artist Umberto Boccioni, one of the foremost exponents of Italian Futurism, also native to Morciano.

Significant appointments

St Gregory’s Fair
Second week of March.
This fair brings in visitors from much of Romagna and Le Marche. A millenary tradition heralding the arrival of spring, and an opportunity to see one of the greatest trading events in Romagna.
The fair’s agricultural origins are well-represented in the cattle market, horse fair, and exhibition and sale of farm machinery. But there are also hundreds of stalls selling everything you can think of; plus a funfair in the town centre and numerous improvised wine bars in every street.
Local food and wine are at their best. Ten days of entertainment and exhibitions for all tastes. The fair is not just a commercial event, but a genuine “rite of spring”.

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