Polesine Zibello

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Located in the Lower Parma area, Polesine Parmense and Zibello were linked creating the new Municipality of Polesine Zibello.

Why visit it

Polesine Parmense is a small town in the province of Parma that sits on the path of the river Po. 
The history of the town is contained in the name of Polesine, dotted with violent floods: Polecini or Polesini are in fact the islets which, dragged down by the river during every flood, they are spread out until they merge with the shore. 

Parallel to the Po embankment, Zibello is an agricultural and industrial center renowned for the production of the famous "culatello di Zibello", and for this the name "Strada del Culatello di Zibello" (Culatello of Zibello Way).

Museums and monuments: Portico Palazzo Pallavicino, Parish Church of the 15th century, Cloister of the former Dominican convent, founded in 1494, Museum of rural civilization, Church of the Beata Vergine delle Grazie.

Don't miss

At the Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine Parmense you can visit the Culatello Museum, which is part of the Food Museums.

Significant appointments

Every year on the weekends of November in the villages a great festival with markets, music and many events on the occasion of the traditional November Porc, a very tasty event.

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