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Located in the Ravenna province hinterland, where the fertile Romagna hills grow into the Senio Valley, Riolo Terme stands a few kilometers away from Via Emilia, between Imola and Faenza, about 50km from Bologna. 

Why visit it

The main attractions of the “City of Waters” can be found in historical, environmental and food and wine richness, but mostly in the prized role of thermal spring waters, recognized since ancient Roman times.

The old borgo, enclosed by strong walls, was founded in 1300, while the most recent part of town covers the area around the majestic Parco delle Terme, where hotels and accommodation facilities are surrounded by gardens and century old trees. 

Arboreal heritage, serene and thermal wellness make Riolo the right destination for those seeking a journey in nature, sport and relax. 

When to go and what to see

Due to beautiful landscapes and various tourist services, Riolo Terme can be visited all year round, but spring and autumn are the most evocative moments of the year. 

The eye catching view and focus of the city center is Riolo Fortress, built at the end of the 14th century by the Bolognesi. 

With its three towers and squared keep, it represents an interesting example of a fortified military building. Today the ancient fortress hosts the Apennine Landscape Museum of Faenza and many historical, cultural and gastronomic events. 

Walking away from the Fortress is the Sante Ghinassi conference room and the Parish Church hosting a majestic ceramic panel made up of over 900 majolica tiles. This piece of art was created by Sante Ghinassi.

Climb on Riolo's walls to enjoy a view over the green rolling hills leading to the park-museum, where Giovanni Bertozzi’s sculptures are exhibited, and to the Thermal Baths. This Liberty building is one of the most credited of the region and offers a wide variety of health and wellness treatments. 

Don't miss

On summer nights, have a rest in Mazzanti Square, formerly Main Square, where the entrance to the Fortress is located. 

On the table

Here, the Romagna IGP shallot has found perfect growing conditions, so much that Riolo Terme dedicates a festival in July to this local product. This bulb, merging together onion and garlic flavors, has always been the star in local cusine: raw, pickled, or as a pasta seasoning, the Romagna shallot makes every dish unique with its flavour.

Riolo Terme, a lively “City of Wine”, invites visitors to explore “Sangiovese street”, linking Faenza, Brisighella and Casola Valsenio.

Having fun

About 500 meters away from the city center, on the green rolling hills of the Senio River, is Acquland water park: covering 25000 square meters, it offers waterslides, swimming and jacuzzi pools, for family fun and relaxation. 

Keeping fit

Not only Thermal Baths in Riolo: a wide range of hiking, mountain biking and horse riding paths allow visitors to reach isolated areas of great natural interest, such as Monte Mauro in the Gypsum Vein Regional Park and King Tiberius’ Cave. 

Significant appointments

Among the many events in town, the highlights are definitely Agriolo (Agriculture Fair in Riolo) in mid April and Halloween Night on October 31st. 

This is a very special night: the eternal battle between good and evil, represented by fantastic creatures in amazing costumes, parades through the streets. The celebrations culminate in a traditional bonfire with a fireworks show. 

The Agriculture Fair is an interesting collection of events: farming machines and new technologies alternate with live shows and music, historical machinery parades and exhibitions. Food stands and local produce markets are always present. 

In the surroundings

About 12 km away from Riolo Terme, close to the Tuscan border, is Casola Valsenio, town of Herbs and Forgotten Fruits. 

Valsenio Abbey is the heritage left by Benedictine monks, who colonized the area around the year 1000. 

Surrounded by the Gypsum Vein Regional Park, Casola Valsenio is the destination for nature lovers: the Herb Garden hosts many species of medical, cosmetic and aromatic plants. The events taking place here are strictly linked to the territory, local produce and culture, such as the Chestnut Festival and Forgotten Fruits Festival.

Information offices

IAT Riolo Terme
Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 40 - Riolo Terme (RA)
+ 39 0546 71044 Opening: all year round

Last update 03/04/2024

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