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This town is located between the banks of the Po River and the loops formed by the Taro River.

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Along the Strada del Culatello, Roccabianca is probably the medieval village of "Rezinoldo" or "Arzenoldo" that Federico Barbarossa bequeathed as an estate upon the Pallavicini family in the 12th C.
Of its long history, the monumental 15th C "Fortress" remains. This was built by Pier Maria Rossi for his beloved Bianca Pellegrini.

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Roccabianca Castle was built between 1450 and 1465 and it develops horizontally, it has a regular geometric layout typical of lowland castles: a central courtyard with towers protruding at the left corners on the facade and back and a high central keep.

In front of the Castle is the old Market Square, an 18th C structure of porticoes.
On another side of the square is the Parish Church dedicated to Saints Bartholomew and Michael which dates back to the 16th C and was restructured in the 17th C.

Significant appointments

Roccabianca is one of the villages of November Porc, the very tasty event at weekends in November.

In the surroundings

A few kilometers from Roccabianca is Fontanelle, a small village that winds along a shady avenue of lime trees, known for being the birthplace of Giovannino Guareschi, a writer and singer of the lowland. Here, places to visit are Guaraschi’s birthplace and the 16th C Church of San Martino.

Last update 14/03/2024
Last update 14/03/2024

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