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The territory of Sala Bolognese has always had a strong vocation for farming and is located in the first plain north-west of Bologna, between the Samoggia stream and the Reno river. The territory includes, besides Sala, the village of Padulle, where the council has been moved as a result of the 1878 “Moti del macinato” (popular uprising against milling levy), and the hamlets of Bagno di Piano, Bonconvento and Osteria Nuova.

Inhabited at least since the Villanovan era, Sala acquired importance during Roman times, when it became part of the ager bononiensis and its settlement acquired the typical characteristics of the fertile and populous high plain, divided by the regular grid of the centuriation, which is still partly visible.

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In Sala the Romanesque-Lombard Parish Church of Santa Maria Annunziata and San Biagio, is interesting, dating back to 1096, where new archaeological finds have been brought to light recently. 

While in Padulle, the EcoMuseo dell'Acqua (Water Eco-Museum) offers the chance to discover one of the major land reclamation works and hydraulic systems of the Pianura Bolognese, once extremely swampy: worth visiting are the area of ecological restructuring in the Dosolo Basin and the nearby water-pumping plant of Bagnetto.

By bicycle, it is possible to reach the banks of the Reno and Samoggia Rivers, riding among the “maceri” (small artificial basins for hemp fiber production), surrounded by elms and white willows.

On the table

Sala Bolognese will seduce you with the typical flavours of Emilian cuisine, carefully prepared as per the tradition of the Bolognese plain. You will find plenty of fresh handmade pasta such as tagliatelle and tortelloni, or fried crescentine, to be filled as desired.

Keeping fit

Bike lovers can reach the hamlet of Osteria Nuova along the Ciclovia del Sole (Sun Route), a cycle path included in the EuroVelo 7 itinerary that traverse Europe from North Cape (Norway) to Malta. With small detours is possible to visit the entire Sala Bolognese territory.

Significant appointments

In June, Sala Bolognese celebrates the traditional Fair where you can find typical dish, shows and markets.

The Tortelloni and Grilled Meat Festival is held at the end of May at Villa Largaiolli (Padulle), in the huge park housed in the floodplain of the Reno river. On the table you will find fresh handmade pasta and grilled meats.

In the surroundings

In via Calanchi we find the curious “Giocars: Museum of the moving toy ", a collection of 700 unique pieces including cars, tricycles, prams, rocking horses, levers, pedals and wheels, among which stands out the antique "pedal cars", still in working order, small motorcycles and go-karts.

At Osteria Nuova you will find Villa Terracini, a typical 18th century plain manor house, open to the public for events. In its large park there is a beautiful example of a "conserve", a sort of natural pantry-fridge used until the past century.

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