San Pietro in Casale

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Located in the center of the Bolognese Plain, between the A14 motorway and the Emiliano-Romagnolo canal, San Pietro in Casale owes its name to its patron saint and to the farmhouse from which the municipality developed.

Why visit it

The first thing to strike you upon entering San Pietro in Casale is the beautiful layout of its historical centre, with its Bolognese-style porticoes and elegant ancient buildings.

The 19th-century Church of Saints Peter and Paul, flanked by a Romanesque bell tower that recalls the medieval origins of the building, preserves interesting paintings from the School of Ferrara dating back to the first half of the 16th-century.

The Casa Frabboni Museum, in the city center, is an exhibiting space that is used during exhibitions.

Don't miss

Four cycle tracks starting in the town lead along tarmac and dirt roads into a world full of small treasures for the attentive traveller: immense stretches of cultivated fields as well as nature reserves recreated using the abundant water resources of the area, beautiful noble houses and ancient rural buildings in more modest estates.

Significant appointments

The Carnival of San Pietro in Casale started in 1871 and is nowadays a tradition which is repeated every year under the irreverent sign of King Sandron Spaviron, the local mask.

In November, the Sagra del Bollito is an opportunity to enjoy boiled meat, a Bolognese tradition that is more and more difficult to find in restaurants.

In the surroundings

In the hamlet of Rubizzano lies the sixteenth-century Palazzo Calderini, with exquisite frescoes from the Scuola dei Carracci, and the church of Saints Simone and Giuda with works by Guardassoni and Trebbi.

In the Rubizzano countryside, not to be missed is the Casone del Partigiano (Partisans’ Guardhouse), where nature and history blend together in a genuinely interesting journey.

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