San Prospero sulla Secchia

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The name of this town derives from its church, which is dedicated to Saint Prosper and was probably built in 1017.San Prospero became a Municipality in 1859. Some of its leading historical-artistic attractions include: the Corte Tusini, Villa Bulgarelli and Casino Torre.

The territory of the Municipality of San Prosperro sulla Secchia contains some of the most beautiful and characteristic traditional buildings found in the Modena area.

These include: dovecote towers, traditional country villas, (of these, some of the most interesting are Villa Alessandrini and Villa Rizzatti, built in the 16th-17th centuries, "I Torrioni", the former Villa Vecchi and Casa Valisnieri as well as Villa Bulgarelli) the "casini delle delizie", where feasts and banquets were held, (some significant examples include the Casino Barbieri and the Casino Zanfrognini; the "casa a corte" (houses with courtyards - the most oldest being the Corte Bocchi di Staggia, the Corte Verdeta and the Corte Tusini).

A highly suggestive cycle path endows visitors with a glimpse of the outside of many of the Villas in the territory.

Because of the earthquake in May 2012, all the San Prospero churches are temporarily closed.

Last update 14/01/2020

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