Savignano sul Rubicone

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The center of this village is about 13 km from the sea, halfway between the coast and the hills of the Romagna hinterland, holding the Italian record of coastal municipality least touched by the sea (only the hamlet Savignano a mare faces the Adriatic in fact).

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The Roman bridge over the Rubicon is the most famous monument of the city of which it is the symbol itself. The exact date of construction is not known: it was defined "consular" by some historians, while according to others it should be placed at the time of Octavian Augustus.  Famous throughout the world for the historic passage of Julius Caesar, who pronounced the famous phrase "Alea Iacta Est" (The die is cast), and marched on Rome.

In Savignano sul Rubicone there is also the archaeological museum of the Compito "Don Giorgio Franchini", set up in the premises of the former primary school adjacent to the parish, which collects the numerous finds found in the area, that attest to the importance of this settlement in Roman times.

Of particular interest in the center of the town is the Church of Santa Lucia.

Keeping fit

In Savignano sul Rubicone it is always possible to keep in shape: in summer you can enjoy the many water sports, enjoying the coolness of the Romagna Riviera. For lovers of greenery and trekking do not forget the hinterland gradually more hilly up to the slopes of Longiano.

Significant appointments

Highlights include the SI Fest - Savignano Immagini Festival (September photography event), Fiera di Santa Lucia (patron saint of the town) on 13 December and Dolce Estate(summer programme from June to September).

In the surroundings

Not far south of the town we find on the hill of Ribano the castle of the same name, a curtis or fortified manor house of medieval age, now home to an important wine company that continues a tradition, probably millenary, in production of grapes and fine wines in this area.

In the area there are also several villas such as Villa "La Rotonda" of the Marchesi Guidi Di Bagno, Villa Perticari, Villa Rasponi, Villa di Secondo Casadei.

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