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Sogliano al Rubicone is located in the heart of Romagna, a few kilometers from the Riviera Romagnola, suspended between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines. In about 30 minutes you arrive in Cesena, the beaches of the coast or the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests (Unesco heritage). 

Why visit it

There are many reasons why it is worth visiting Sogliano al Rubicone: architectural and naturalistic beauties, monuments, noble palaces, village houses, countless exhibitions and museums, events that enliven no less than fairs, and village festivals full of aromas and flavours.
Thanks to all these excellences, in 2009 Sogliano al Rubicone received, by decree, the title of "City", an honor granted by the President of the Republic.

When to go and what to see

Sogliano al Rubicone awaits you all year round!

Spring, summer and autumn are the ideal periods for excursions, trekking, MTB and horse riding with a constantly changing nature. In winter you can warm up with the art and culture kept in our museums and with our gastronomic excellence.

Don't miss

Walking through the charming historic center you can admire, among other things, the famous Butterfly Fountain designed by Tonino Guerra, the Ex Casa del Fascio, the Church of Suffragio, the Church of San Lorenzo and the Porta Malatestiana.

In the Palazzo della Cultura you can access the Museum of Vintage Records and Sound Recording (reported worldwide by google arts&culture for its value and uniqueness), the Museum of Arte Povera, the Leonardo da Vinci and La Romagna Museum, the Linea Christa Museum and the Veggiani Collection.

To discover and fall in love with the tradition linked to the famous Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano DOP, you can visit the "Fosse". Pitchers will be happy to tell you the story and technique of pitting, showing you materials, places and tools.

There are many sites of interest even outside the historic centre.

In the locality of Strigara you can reach and admire the Rubicon spring and travel along the Passo dei Meloni, a marvelous gully formation from which to enjoy a breathtaking panorama.

Also noteworthy is the Montetiffi Alto Uso SCI, an area recognized as being a community interest for the jewels it houses: the Marmitte dei Giganti, an evocative environment created over the centuries by the waters of the Uso river, the Romanesque bridge from the Middle Ages and the ancient Molino Tornani, The Montetiffi Abbey and the "Venanzio Reali Museum".

In Ville Montetiffi it is also possible to visit the workshop of the last craftsman of the famous "Teglie di Montetiffi", handmade terracotta texts on which tradition dictates the real cooking of the Romagna piadina.

On the table

Sogliano al Rubicone is a renowned place of taste: restaurateurs, chefs and agritourisms offer both classic Romagna cuisine and excellent reinterpretations. At the base of the proposals and culinary preparations you will always find the excellence of the territory.

Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano PDO, with its strong taste, rich in herbaceous scents, goes well with the sweet taste of honey, savor, caramelized figs and jams. To be enjoyed also with local cured meats and piadina from Romagna, always accompanied by a good glass of Sangiovese. It is also used in the preparation of fresh pasta, rigorously handmade and rolled out with a rolling pin (cappelletti, passatelli, tortelli and gnocchi) or grated or in flakes, it is an excellent condiment both on first courses and on meats and carpaccio at km 0.

Do not forget the bustreng, a typical sweet, poor but at the same time rich in many ingredients and the saba, the savor and the mastlaz, unique products of the peasant tradition linked to the harvest.

Keeping fit

In the area there is the trail network "I Sentieri dell'Alto Rubicone", 16 circular routes for 156 km dedicated to trekking, MTB and horse riding.

We recommend the "Parco San Donato and Leonardo da Vinci's Concavity" (Vignola) for the vitae path which enjoys a unique panorama; the welcoming outdoor municipal swimming pool, the Skate Park and the state-of-the-art sports facilities (tennis, soccer and five-a-side football pitches).

Road cyclists are regular visitors to our territory made up of more or less "demanding" climbs and descents. Marco Pantani used to train in our area to which several "stones" have been dedicated. The "9 Colli" event has 7 hills in the Sogliano area.

Significant appointments

Every year Sogliano is home to delicious tastes with the Fossa Cheese Fair of Sogliano PDO in the last days of November. For the occasion of the festival there are numerous side events: theatrical, musical and recreational performances, conferences, concerts, wine and cheese tastings, with stands of typical products from different areas of Italy.

Sogliano al Rubicone offers events and appointments for all tastes.

  • Fossa Cheese Fair: annual festival to celebrate the Fossa di Sogliano PDO cheese. Food stands, entertainment and events in the historic centre;
  • Ori di Sogliano: typical products, artists and ancient crafts, shows, music and entertainment in the streets of the historic centre;
  • Sogliano Estate: great review of summer concerts with the participation of nationally and internationally renowned artists;
  • Sentieri In Musica: small treks on the paths of the Upper Rubicon, with concerts and typical final dinners;
  • Malt in Fossa: street event dedicated to craft beer;
  • Savor Festival: festival dedicated to Savor, a typical jam from Montegelli;
  • Soglianoblues: festival with the participation of important blues performers;
  • Soglianois: rock music happening, stage for emerging bands and for bands already established in the independent music scene;
  • Prova d’Attore and Sogliano Teatro d’Estate: theatrical reviews with the participation of important artists on the national scene;
  • Trail del Rubicone, Montegelli Trail and Fossa Marathon: sporting events dedicated to trekking and MTB enthusiasts.

In the surroundings


Ancient village where you can visit the Benedictine Abbey of San Leonardo, the Agostino Venanzio Reali museum, the Romanesque bridge and the Marmitte dei Giganti, not far away in "Ville Montetiffi" there is the shop/laboratory of the last producer of ancient pans, with a text on which to cook the piadina.


The neighboring village of Strigara is the source of the Rubicon and the panoramic "Passo dei Meloni".


In the locality of Montepetra (upper), the small village and the "Sassoni", a geological formation from the Cenozoic era (about 50 million years ago), are worth a visit. 

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