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Tresigallo, known as "the metaphysical city", is a true historical gem nestled along the left bank of the Po di Volano, halfway between Ferrara and Comacchio.

Why visit it

The heart of reclamation initiatives initiated by the Este family in the 16th century, Tresigallo boasts the magnificent Palazzo Pio, built between 1517 and 1533, where Renaissance frescoes are still visible.

However, Tresigallo's golden age began in the early 1930s under the leadership of Edmondo Rossoni, then Minister of Agriculture and Forestry and a native of Tresigallo, who dreamed of transforming it into an ideal rationalist city. During this period, the town took on the appearance of a utopian city, with buildings in pastel shades, symmetrical and featuring clean lines. A direct road to Ferrara was built, followed by large-scale infrastructure, sports, educational, health, and industrial centers.

Today, Tresigallo is celebrated for its unique architecture, a result of applying urban planning theories from the German school that envisioned the "new city" in a democratic way. Included in the "Cities of Art" circuit of the Emilia-Romagna Region, it attracts experts and scholars, as well as various brands that choose it as a location for commercial shoots.

Don't miss

Among the wonders not to be missed are Piazza della Rivoluzione, the true heart of the city with its D-shaped layout, the adorned church, and what were once the public baths, whose sign - for reasons of decorum - was changed from BAGNI (baths) to SOGNI (dreams). But every building in Tresigallo tells a story and is worth observing in every detail!

Tresigallo is not just a place to visit, but a vibrant chapter of history to experience and protect.

Significant appointments

Every year, at the end of summer, the city hosts the "Metaphysical Days," featuring thematic conferences and guided tours open to the public.

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