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Veleia Romana, an ancient Roman city among the most important of the time in Northern Italy, is located in the Municipality of Lugagnano Val d’Arda, on the eastern Piacenza hills.

Why visit it

Its exploration was started in 1760 by the Duke of Parma, Don Filippo di Borbone, following the discovery made by chance in 1747 of the Tabula alimentaria traianea, still the largest known bronze inscription in the whole Roman world.

Don't miss

An Antiquarium is set up inside the archaeological area. Alongside the casts of the Tabula Alimentaria Traianea and the Lex de Gallia Cisalpina, the museum also preserves artifacts that illustrate the most significant moments in the history of Veleia: the Ligurian origins, the construction of the main public monuments, the evidence of the furnishings and lifestyle of private homes, the memory of gladiator shows, and funeral rites.

On the table

Buslanein are the typical sweet donuts.

Having fun

During the summer, this suggestive setting is the backdrop for the Ancient Theater Festival, a review of shows taken from the repertoire of ancient theater, which gives the events a magical atmosphere and increases the charm of the scenic action.

Significant appointments

The Corpus Domini, the traditional Infiorata.

Useful information and advice

Parking next to the entrance to the excavations.

Information offices

IAT R Castell'Arquato
Piazza del Municipio - Castell'Arquato (PC)
+ 39 0523 803215 + 39 0523 803563

Last update 03/04/2024

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