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Lying between river and hills, Vignola is famous for its cherries. Walking along the streets of the town you can visit important monuments, such as the fortress and the spiral staircase designed by the architect named Vignola.

When to go and what to see

Full of history and architectural remains of great value, starting with the famous castle, Vignola is the birthplace of famous historical figures such as Jacopo Barozzi Vignola and Ludovico Antonio Muratori.

It is worth a visit the interesting castle, richly decorated inside. The building of medieval origin underwent many changes until, in the fifteenth century, was converted into a residence by the Contrari Family. In 1507 the castle passed to the Boncompagni Ludovisi Family until the middle of the last century.

On the table

Among the typical products of the Emilia cuisine, the famous Torta Barozzi stands out. Fruit can be tasted, specially cherries and plums. The town is on The Wine and Food Road "Cities, Castles, Cherries".


Among images steeped in history and full of charm, you can walk along the Percorso Sole, just near the river or cycle in the territory of the Parco Regionale dei Sassi di Roccamalatina. Please also note the bike path connecting Vignola and Modena, which was created along the ancient railway.

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