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Each year, the Festival of Philosophy transforms the face of Modena, Carpi, and Sassuolo through the creation of spaces dedicated to learning and to conversation. 

Each year’s festival is centered on a single keyword, a starting point for fundamental philosophical questions and examinations of the crucial experiences of the times in which we live, and leading intellectuals in the Italian and international cultural scene offer their insights, in a series of master lectures. 

An extensive program of exhibitions and installations, live performances and concerts, games and workshops, films, and “philosophical dinners” all open their doors to often surprising themes, underlining the connections between reflection and artistic creation.

The cities’ piazzas, courtyards, monuments, and historical sites become spaces for listening and for participation.


  • Piazza Grande - Modena (Modena)
  • Piazzale Re Astolfo - Carpi (Carpi)
  • Piazzale Avanzini - Sassuolo (Sassuolo)
13 - 15 September 2024
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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  • Free event

Information offices

Modena Tourist Information Office
Piazza Grande, 14 - Modena (MO)
+ 39 0592032660 + 39 059 2032659 info@visitmodena.it Opening: all year round
Palazzo dei Musei information point
Largo Porta S. Agostino, 337 - Modena (MO)
+ 39 059 2033125 palazzo.musei@comune.modena.it Opening: all year round
Piazza Martiri, 64 - Carpi (MO)
+ 39 059 649255 incarpi@comune.carpi.mo.it Opening: all year round
Sassuolo tourist information
Piazzale della Rosa - Sassuolo (MO)
+ 39 0536 880920 sassuoloturismo@comune.sassuolo.mo.it Opening: all year round

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