The EcoVie of Misano: on foot or by bike along the sea and in the Conca park

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Misano is a coastal town that has always been known for its sea and for the international sporting events at its Racetrack. But Misano is also an ideal place for those who love cycling, where it is possible to go from the sea to the hills without crossing busy roads, and instead passing along the EcoVie.

The EcoVie are roads, paths and trails devoted to eco-sustainable mobility: they can be traveled on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or on an e-scooter, depending on the characteristics of the itinerary, and they are designed to move through the territory in a green way.

From the seafront to the hinterland, the EcoVie offer a new way of experiencing the area to anyone who wants to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, nature trails, and slow experiences.

  • Length
    24 hours
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  • First stop - EcoVia of the Sea Misano Adriatico

    The EcoVia of the Sea is a route of about 4 kilometers that winds along the seafront of Misano Adriatico, starting from Portoverde going in the direction of the boundary with Riccione or vice versa.

    This EcoVia consists of a completely flat, well-marked and safe cycle path, which can be traveled on any type of bicycle or on an e-scooter, and it is flanked by a sidewalk for pedestrians. It is ideal for pedaling with your children in complete relaxation, for healthy walks a stone's throw from the sea or for running in a picturesque setting.

    Along the way, you will also come across the North-Sea park, an ideal place for rest stops and picnics in the shade of pine trees. The ideal arrival point is Portoverde, a delightful view of the sea with its dock, and the starting point for the second stage of the itinerary.

  • Second stop - EcoVia of the Conca Misano Adriatico

    The EcoVia of the Conca is a nature trail that starts from the sea and runs along the Conca River towards the hills. It is an itinerary that is largely unpaved, but the path is well-trodden and essentially flat. The EcoVia of the Conca is a route suitable for everyone: for those who want to enjoy a pleasant walk surrounded by nature a stone's throw from the sea, for a bicycle excursion even with children, for trekking and Nordic walking in the picturesque nature oasis of Conca.

    It starts from Portoverde, on the left bank of the Conca river, and continues on along narrow roads with a smooth surface, for a good stretch alongside the artificial reservoir and also along the Misano World Circuit. Going up the river you enter the heart of the Conca Park, still wild and quite distinctive. Here in the center of the Protected Area, the WWF has created a Wildlife Observatory where it is possible to do some bird-watching.

    You then enter an asphalted stretch of about 1 kilometer along Via Fornace, to rejoin a well-marked path alongside the river, on up to the ford of Pian Ventena.

    At this point, you can decide whether to return to Porto Verde or continue on along the EcoVia of the Hills.

    Along the way, there are rest areas and service stations for bicycles.

  • Third stop - Ecovia of the Hills Misano Adriatico

    To set off on the EcoVia of the Hills you must start from the ford of Pian Ventena, in the Asmara area (where the EcoVia of the Conca ends). This third stage is suitable for both mountain biking and trekking.

    After leaving the river, the route enters a small plain, passing through some historic ghettos.

    After going a few kilometers, you reach the summit of Monte Annibolina, the highest point of the route, when you then find yourself in a fast descent, after which you have to push hard on the pedals again to reach Monte Castellaro.

    Then you continue on towards Misano Monte up to Piazza del Castello, where you can find an equipped rest area. After that, you start off again with a quick descent and an ascent through the fields, up to the Cà Rastelli ghetto, then you go through a shady pine forest and continue on for a couple of km until you arrive in Via Agina, near state highway 16.

    From there, continue towards the sea and return to the initial EcoVia - EcoVia of the Sea - after a circular route that passed along the seafront, amidst the greenery of the Conca park, and among the hills.

Last update 22/07/2023

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