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If the ancient conformation of the historic centers of Emilia-Romagna, especially in small towns, can cause problems for travel, an industrious network of services active in the area offers various opportunities for people with disabilities.

In recent years, local administrations have been working hard to ensure that the word hospitality goes hand in hand with the word accessibility, so that any tourist who has come to the region can spend their free time or vacation without constraints and obstacles.

From cities of art to small villages, from the Apennines to the Adriatic coast, there are many projects, initiatives and services put in place (public and private) aimed at welcoming people with disabilities, providing them with the necessary means to better enjoy the own living room.

Much remains to be done, but the road has been drawn. Below is a collection of active services.

We also recommend that you contact (or go to) the tourist office of the destination / locality where you decide to spend your holidays; the operators will be able to illustrate in greater detail the possibilities and active services, as well as making guides and printed material available to facilitate the stay.


In the art cities of Emilia-Romagna most of the monuments and public transport are suitably equipped and equipped with spaces accessible to any person.

For those visiting Bologna, the Iperbole website (only in Italian language) and the Bologna Welcome portal offer specific sections for people with disabilities, from which it is possible to obtain general information about the city. There is also BOforAll, an App that offers some itineraries included through the historic center starting from the university area.

In Parma, from the experience of the Parmaccessibile project (only in Italian language), a paper guide was born, tailored to those who want to live freely and without hindrance the places and spaces of the city and the territory.

Piacenza offers a map (only in Italian) of the center dedicated to tourists with the historical availability of engines.

Finally, Ravenna has the Hospitality Card (only in Italian language), a tool designed for all disabled people present in the city for tourism, study or work purposes. The card allows you to obtain concessions such as discounts, right of way, free admissions to monuments and museums in the city.

But also Comacchio, between culture and nature, is a destination for everyone (only in Italian): a guide and two multimedia itineraries that can be downloaded for free and works on any “device”.


Along the coasts of the Adriatic there are many solutions and projects for people with disabilities, which guarantee to spend a pleasant day on the beach in safety and in an equipped environment.

Many bathing establishments are equipped to accommodate disabled people, such as hotels, which are able to offer a peaceful and relaxing stay.

In Ravenna and Cesenatico, for example, the Best project makes the beaches more accessible thanks to the installation of special signs for reserved, walkways with dedicated paths, and special armchairs. swimming in the sea.

Also in Ravenna, on the beach of Punta Marina, there is an almost unique reality in Italy and in Europe: it is the bathroom All at the sea, no one excluded (only in Italian language), an equipped and assisted structure, created to accommodate people with disabling diseases, together with their family and friends, and also any pets.

In Cervia, the “A lifeguard for friend” project guarantees people with disabilities a free service with armchairs for the beach and a professional operator to swim in the sea.

Even throughout the province of Rimini, many bathing establishments combine environmental sustainability and accessibility, guaranteeing people with disabilities maximum freedom of movement on the beach and 360 ° inclusiveness. The flagship is the Autism Friendly Beach (only in Italian language) project which allows people with autism to spend their beach holidays peacefully.

Last update 22/11/2021
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