Sala Baganza

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Sala Baganza is placed along the Strada del Prosciutto, beeing one of its main production centres.

Its long and eventful history is still evident in its interesting public and religious buildings.These include the Farnese Fortress (1477), the medieval quarter of San Vitale, the parish church of Talignano and the del Castellaro Oratory.

The natural surroundings are typical of the Regional Park of the Carrega Woods, where the "country house" of Duchess Maria Amalia can be admired along with the gullies of nearby Maiatico with its imposing "Nave” aqueduct of 15 arches of the Farnesina period.

The food and wine is excellent being an area in which both Parma Ham and Malvasia wine are produced and the Rocca hosts the new Museum of Wine.

Last update 13/07/2020

Information offices

Tourist Information Office Sala Baganza
Piazza Antonio Gramsci 2 Sala Baganza (PR)

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