Sand Crib in Bellaria Igea Marina

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    Via Alfonso Pinzon, zona bagno 78 - Bellaria-Igea Marina
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The Sand Crib of Bellaria Igea Marina is a masterpiece of fine, compact sand from the Adriatic Sea, and every year the public is enthusiastic about its depiction of the Nativity with life-size sand statues.

Each year the Nativity scene is inspired by different places and characters. 

Scenes of everyday life, shepherds and poor peasants are depicted against a backdrop of historical architectural buildings. Streets, taverns, palaces and places of worship.  Tons of sand come to life thanks to the talent and imagination of international sculptors. 


  • Via Alfonso Pinzon, zona bagno 78 - Bellaria-Igea Marina
8 December 2021 - January 9, 2022
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IAT Bellaria
Via Leonardo da Vinci 3 Bellaria-Igea Marina (RN) telephone:+ 39 0541 343808 + 39 0541 345491
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