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Over the years, “La Bonissima” has become, in Italy and abroad, more and more relevant as the yearly iconic food cultural event.

In the heart of Modena, in Piazza Grande, a Unesco's site, you will find the rare food specialties from Modena, the result of tradition and rarities from our 30 local producers. 

Show cooking, tasting events and challenges among the best chefs will offer you the best emotional experience during these 3 days.

The balancing of rare local ingredients is the secret of our success, “La Bonissima” is a unique chance to spend a weekend surrounded by a high quality food and beverage market, hubs and guided emotional tastings thanks to our food experts.

Directly from farmers, pastry chefs, and local producers, raw and rare products will give visitors the opportunity to find , taste and buy what is not commonly affordable on supermarkets shelves because of the limited produced quantities.

Do not miss our “fried dumpling” the so-called “Gnocco fritto”, “borlenghi”, both simply made up with our zero kilometres ingredients, hot, served together with lard and herbs, our small savoury scones the so-called “crescentine”, the Emilian Lasagna, both vegetarian and traditional ones, “calzagatti”, fried polenta with beans, something unforgettable!

Delight your mouth with the best Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, our balsamic vinegar, Modena typical jam, salami from San Felice, tortellini, flour and potatoes from the Apennines, without forgetting for you our “forest Apennine creatures” such as mushrooms, truffles and blueberry confiture, sweet delicacies, fruit tarts, chocolate pralines and other rarities. You can also drink our valuable Lambrusco Pignoletto wine “Grasaparossa” a kind of iconic variety wine from Castelvetro's vineyards and various craft beers, and nocino, a liqueur made with walnuts, a wonder!

“La Bonissima” will welcome you to sit outdoors and eat and drink cocktails and have dinner at sunset in Piazza Grande, lovely moments in your life thanks also to our local producers giving you beautiful taste experiences.

On Saturday the 14th food bloggers and the best young chefs from specialized hotel schools, the “Young Lions”, will prepare their best expression of Modena's food tradition through engaging challenges. This is a 360 degree landmark for future chefs.

Food influencers will try all these proposals and recipes and will publish them on their social media channels.

You all have the chance to book these experiences.

Free guided tours in Modena organized by “La Rose Noire”, taste experiences and food hubs, you can take part by booking each of these events.

Our jury of food experts includes Pier Luigi Roncaglia, who will guide you to heavenly products, Norberto Magnani, Stefano Reggiani, Luca Bonacini, they all will try our best producers's menus and assign on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock the special award “The Market King”, given by our authorities.

The Ambassadors of the fried dumpling “Gnocco fritto” on Sunday at lunch time will also reward the food magazines and journalists who every year contribute to spreading worldwide our Emilian food traditions through their narration of Giuseppe Verdi's land, celebrating Luciano Pavarotti's talent and Enzo Ferrari's motor valley powering pride.


  • Piazza Grande - Modena
13 - 15 October 2023
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