PDO Aglio di Voghiera

A mildly flavoured variety of garlic grown in the Ferrara province

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In ancient times, the small town of Voghiera was an important trade and administration hub for the Ferrara area. Having maintained this status until the seventh century, the town thrived once more in this role under the rule of the Signoria of the House of Este in Ferrara, which, amongst other things, is credited with having helped the area to cultivate salad crops, aromatic herbs and garlic. Over time, garlic became one of Voghiera's signature specialities.

Cultivated in the municipalities of Voghiera, Masi Torello, Portomaggiore, Argenta and Ferrara, Voghiera garlic has a mild, refreshing flavour that is never pungent, granted by the climate and the particular characteristics of the fertile, clay-rich soil it grows in. The unique properties of this garlic are closely guarded by the Consorzio Aglio di Voghiera DOP consortium, which was founded in 2010 after the garlic earned its PDO certification.

In cuisine

The consortium recommends an array of dishes to bring out the flavour of this special garlic, some of which include spaghetti alla chitarra (egg spaghetti with a square cross section) with PDO Voghiera garlic, oil and chilli pepper with a Parmigiano Reggiano cheese sauce, and tagliata di scottona (sliced heifer beef steak) with vegetables sautéed with Voghiera garlic and turmeric. 

If you fancy trying other dishes that feature this special garlic, why not spend the day at the Fiera dell’Aglio di Voghiera DOP fair in Voghiera in August.


Last update 20/09/2021

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