Masi Torello

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A small town located in the center of the Ferrara plain south of the Po di Volano. It also includes the village of Masi San Giacomo and the hamlet of Sant'Anna.

Why visit it

It is believed that the name of this old farming village was taken from the powerful Ghibelline family of the Torelli-Salinguerras, who owned large estates called "masi" in this area.

The first historical documentation dates back to the 14th century. The buildings, above all the homes, and the layout of the village are typical of the Po Valley towns traditionally tied to agriculture.

Don't miss

San Leonardo Abate Church

Dedicated to Saint Leonard, Abbot of Noblac at Limoges in France and patron saint of Masi Torello, this is one of the most significant examples of baroque architecture, where you can still see the original decorations, unique in the Ferrara area, and the dramatic Cantoria dell’Abside (Choir in the Apse). Inside you can admire numerous altars with frescoes, statues and paintings.

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