PDO Olio Extravergine di Oliva Brisighella

A mild yet intensely flavoured olive oil produced in the Romagna hills

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The small olive oil mill dating back to Roman times that was unearthed in the Brisighella area demonstrates how olive tree growing has been part of the history of this land for centuries. The first evidence of olive oil production in the area dates back to the 15th century, but it is only recently that olive oil trade began to flourish in Brisighella, ever since the community olive oil mill was founded (1970).

Originating from the Brisighella, Faenza, Riolo Terme, Casola Valsenio and Modigliana hills, PDO Olio Extravergine di Oliva Brisighella is the result of a variety of olive tree known as Nostrana that grows in the area and must account for no less than 90% of the olives used to make this particular olive oil. 

The age-old ritual of olive harvesting takes place every year from early November to the Christmas period. Olives are hand-picked, even on steeply sloping plots of land, following the same technique as was used in centuries before; the olives are then transported to the olive oil mill within four days of being gathered.

The olives are pressed to give way to a mild, intensely flavoured olive oil, with aromas evoking fresh herbs and green artichoke, and a fruity fragrance with spicy notes. The olive oil's emerald green colour with golden hues is particularly striking. 

Brisighella provides visitors the opportunity to watch an olive pressing demonstration and to taste olio novello, new harvest olive oil, at the Sagra dell'Ulivo e dell'Olio festival in November. A tour around the open-air Museo all'aperto dell'olio di Brisighella museum will instead let you gaze upon the approximately 90,000 olive trees that grow in the area where this olive oil is made.

In cuisine

PDO Olio Extravergine di Oliva Brisighella has no limits when it comes to what you can do with it in the kitchen. The most fitting pairings see the oil used to flavour fish, meat and game dishes. When it comes to pasta, egg-based garganelli pasta with clams, PGI Romagna shallots and PDO Olio Extravergine di Oliva Brisighella will bring out the very best of the aromas and flavours of this land. 


Last update 29/09/2021

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